Obama Fields A Serious Question–Sadly His Teleprompter Is Nowhere To Be Found

Very little commentary is needed as we watch Barack Hussein Obama, far outside his comfort zone, (you know, those thin sheets of glass that feed him every word he says and in turn has created, with the help of the lamestream media, the false persona the world has come to know him by) try and answer a question about Iran and North Korea.

Intercontinental CAPACITY? Can you imagine if George W. Bush uttered such nonsense? Every dufus in the left wing media would have screwed themselves 35 feet into the ground in their haste to be the first knucklehead to get that comment on the air.

With Obama? Eh, just another free pass.

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That said let’s roll some msnbc teleprompter footage, where they take a few backhanded swipes at their good buddy Obama, for a coupla laughs.

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