Obama Administration Gives Landowners One Week To Accept Deal For Flight 93 Memorial


The Obama administration is giving landowners in the Pennsylvania countryside, where flight 93 crashed that fateful September 11, 2001 day, one more week to sell to the federal government property they have demanded for the planned minimum 1500 acre memorial to the people on the plane who died or eminent domain proceedings will begin.

From today’s philly.com,

The federal government issued an ultimatum yesterday to people who own land designated for the Flight 93 memorial in Western Pennsylvania: They have one week to reach an agreement on the sale of their land or the government will initiate proceedings to seize it.

The order came hours after Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter (D., Pa.) met with people who own 500 acres in and around the Shanksville area, where Flight 93 crashed on Sept. 11, 2001, and with victims’ relatives eager to see the memorial built in time for the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

“After meeting with the landowners and the Park Service today, I have high hopes that the parties are close to agreement and will be able to reach consensus over the land in the next week so we can keep the memorial on track without using eminent domain,” Salazar said. “Only if the parties are not able to reach agreement will we have to use the last resort of eminent domain to acquire land.”

Damn, 1500 acres for a memorial? That is what 2.3 SQUARE MILES? The entire World Trade Center complex sat on a total of 16 acres! And what is up with demanding landowners sell their property for this memorial that many consider to be more of a tribute to the dirtbags who hijacked the airplane than the people who probably prevented it from being flown into the White House or other prominent building?

(Another related video can be viewed here.)

What I find interesting about this forced land grab would be something I came across here.

Fact Sheet
Flight 93 National Memorial
Boundary Recommendation
Flight 93 Advisory Commission
July 30, 2004

The Flight 93 Memorial Act (P.L.107-226) directs the Flight 93 Advisory Commission (the Commission) to recommend a boundary for the national memorial to the Secretary of the Interior.

The Commission approved a resolution on the recommendation of a boundary for the Flight 93 National Memorial at the July 30, 2004 Commission meeting.

Lands within the boundary of a national park may include both public and private lands. Private lands within the boundary have no inherent restrictions placed on them.

By law, lands may only be purchased from willing sellers for the Flight 93 National Memorial.

The boundary includes approximately 1,500 acres of core land to be purchased by the federal government to ensure the crash site is forever protected and the heroic actions of the passengers and crew are commemorated. The core lands also provide areas for visitor facilities and direct access to US30, thereby removing visitor traffic from local roadways.

The boundary also provides a fitting setting for the memorial by including approximately 700 acres of land to be protected in partnership with local
landowners through easements, other less-than-fee measures, or full fee acquisition.

The recommended boundary was developed through site visits, computer visual simulations, extensive conversations with area landowners, and in coordination with local government officials.

The Commission prepared the recommendation in partnership and cooperation with the Families of Flight 93, the Flight 93 Memorial Task Force, and the National Park Service.

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I wonder what ever happened to the federal government purchasing property only from those willing landowners?

Besides what appears to be an overwhelming Islamic theme to the memorial to thousands of Americans could there be some under-the-radar reasons for the size of this project?

The boundary includes approximately 1,500 acres of core land to be purchased by the federal government to ensure the crash site is forever protected and the heroic actions of the passengers and crew are commemorated.

“Forever protected?” More on that in a second.

Now I think most people would think an acre or two of land at the crash site and a small, tasteful monument in honor of the Americans who died on that flight that day would be a much more appropriate and reasonable memorial than building this huge crescent shaped thing that has thousands of people claiming the design is just too close to resembling homage being paid to those responsible for what happened that day and gobbling up at least 1500 acres, and potentially much more, of land at a cost of some $58 million dollars.

One thing that might get little notice is that previously mentioned “protected” status of this project.

Again from the philly.com article,

Last week, the Park Service acquired about 950 acres for the park from a coal company, the single largest acquisition.

One way or another, landowners will receive fair market value for their properties, Salazar said. Complicating the appraisal process is the abundance of natural resources above and below the land: timber, coal, and natural gas.

Nine hundred and fifty acres from a coal company huh? Interesting indeed. I wonder just how all that land was really wrested away from this business?

Is it possible the Obama administration could be using this flight 93 memorial project as a way to bring some good old radical environmentalism in through the back door? After all some estimates of the actual amount of land the federal government is trying to get their hands on in this area is said to come in at around 2200 acres or nearly three and a half square miles of land, not an insignificant amount of real estate, and it’s apparently loaded with valuable energy resources. A federally operated National Park would remove all private and local government control of this area including access to all of the coal, natural gas and timber for miles around the memorial. Hey this is right up the enviro-wacko’s alley, a constituency that hasn’t really seen the kind of love from their hero in his first five months in office that they were hoping for.

Could this Islamic crescent design nonsense of the memorial really be a big smokescreen to hide what may really be going on here?

Hell who knows but one thing is certain, you can’t put anything past the group of shysters roaming around our White House these days, they’re in a such big hurry to get all kinds of things done TO our country before the gig is up.

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