Thanks To Taxpayers Brooklyn's Homeless Living Mighty Large Indeed

Condos with marble tile floors, granite countertops and closets big enough to toss a twin bed into is where some of Brooklyn’s homeless folks are calling home these days thanks to the taxpayers via city officials.

The 67 unit luxury condominium project, built on what is described as a “fringe neighborhood,” (in other words a little too fancy pants for the area?) was developed by a Mr. Avi Shriki with the hopes of selling prices coming in at between $250,000 and $350,000 per unit. Unfortunately Shriki was unable to attract any buyers interested in paying that kind of money for that particular product in that particular neighborhood even as the real estate market all over the country was going tango uniform.

The brand new building is now a city homeless shelter and property owners in the immediate area are not very happy about it and frankly I can’t see how anyone can blame them. Imagine finally receiving an offer on the house you’ve been trying to sell for the last year and a half but now you must disclose to the potential buyers it is right next door to a homeless shelter instead of that new upscale condo project you were told was going to be standing there. Bye bye buyer.

Now this isn’t some emergency stopgap measure to help some homeless folks briefly on the down and out. This shelter is going to be around for awhile as the developer recently signed a 10 year contract with the non profit Bushwick Economic Development Group which has taken over the management of the building.

So how much is it gonna cost to use these condos as a homeless shelter? Well the city of Brooklyn will pay Bushwick Economic Development Group 90 bucks a day or $2,700 per month per unit, an amount which is said to include social services and job placement assistance. This means the taxpayers will pay $180,900 per month to house the homeless in this building, when full, for a total yearly outlay of some $2,170,800. Just for this one building! Yowsa!

Nobody can disparage those who have taken up residence in these condos, when opportunity knocks you should open up the door and a big two bedroom luxury condo beats the snot out of some cramped toxic FEMA trailer any old day of the week. But for crying out loud $2.2 million dollars a year for this one building?

Man somebody really made out like a bandit on this deal…..huh Mr. Shriki?

Source: New York Daily News.

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