Kentucky Church To Host Firearm "Open Carry" Event To Celebrate Fourth Of July

Louisville Kentucky’s New Bethel Church will be sponsoring an “Open Carry Church Service” on Saturday June 27, in celebration of the Fourth of July holiday. This event encourages church members to attend with their unloaded and holstered firearms. The day’s festivities will include a raffle for a free handgun, plenty of patriotic music and some expert advice for firearm owners from local gun shop and shooting range owners.

Pastor Ken Pagano, a former Marine, chaplain for the Louisville Metro Police department and a concealed carry instructor came up with the idea for this first ever event saying he was “basically trying to think a little bit outside the box” to promote “responsible gun ownership and Second Amendment rights.” He said the open carry day will be held on a Saturday because he didn’t want the event to be confused with regular Sunday worship at the Assemblies of God congregation.

Pastor Pagano has said church members will be asked to bring a friend with a firearm and canned goods for donation to the needy. He said all proceeds from the event will be given to charity.

Hmmm. Might be worth a J.A.R.G road trip over to Kentucky just to meet these folks.

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