Condo HOA Threatens Marine Veteran Over Military Stickers On Vehicle


A Dallas TX area condo homeowners association board has threatened disabled 14 year U.S.M.C. veteran Frank Larison, who has lived in the complex for eight years, with fines and the towing of his vehicle because of the military stickers he has placed on the back of his Chevy HHR. The HOA president sent Larison a letter demanding he remove or cover up these stickers described as “advertisements,” which are prohibited under the organization’s rules, or have his car towed away at his expense. In addition the letter informed him he will be liable for any future enforceable incidents with fines of $50 per pop.

What a good time it would be to track down the little gutless left wing military veteran hater in the condo complex who instigated this action.

The full story of this outrageous nonsense can be found here>>>

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