Democrats In No Mood To Answer Questions About Nancy Pelosi


Man talk about a toxic asshat! Watch these Democrats scatter like rats when the reporter tries to ask a few questions about Nancy Pelosi and her disastrous press conference where she stuttered and stumbled her way through 20 minutes or so of some serious B arbra S treisand.

Come to think of it, maybe these guys weren’t so dumb for not wanting to yack it up about the botox queen after all!

Pelosi’s approval rating plummets

Embattled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has approval ratings nearly as low as Newt Gingrich when he was the primary lightning rod in Congress, a new poll says.

The CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released this afternoon found that the approval of how Pelosi is doing her job as speaker has dropped from 51 percent in January to 46 percent in March to 39 percent now.

In the new survey, conducted Thursday through Sunday while Pelosi was embroiled in controversy over how much she was told about waterboarding of terrorist suspects, 48 percent of respondents said they disapproved of her performance.

In a news conference on Thursday, she said she had been misled by the CIA — an accusation that prompted officials of both parties to defend the spy agency and that provoked some angry Republicans to say she should put up proof or shut up and apologize.

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