Deceased Obese Woman Sent To Coroner's Office On Back Of Flatbed Truck

Unbelievable story. The Marion County Indiana coroner’s office called in a flat bed tow truck to extricate a 750 pound woman, who had passed away, from her home. The tow truck operator apparently used the truck’s winch to pull her body from the family’s apartment, across the lawn and up onto the truck bed and did this right in front of her neighbors, boyfriend and their 13 year old son.

Her body was then covered up with a piece of carpet for the police escorted ride to the coroner’s facility.

Needless to say the coroner is catching quite a bit of heat over the transportation method used in this particular instance and they have yet to figure out how they will get the remains from the coroner’s office to the funeral home but I’ll bet it won’t be on the back of an “Ed’s Tow Truck Service” vehicle.

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