WSJ Declares Firearm Control Debate Pretty Much Over


I happened upon a Wall Street Journal editorial today describing how the left wing Democrats have lost the debate on “gun control.” (Man I hate that term. It should be called “society control” because that is truly what the modern liberals are all about.)

The column spoke of the recent passage by the U.S. Senate of an amendment sponsored by Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn which states: “Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens on 83,600,000 acres of National Park System land and 90,790,000 acres of land under the jurisdiction of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service . . . . should not be infringed.” The amendment does not call for allowing people to use the national parks for target shooting or hunting and is intended to allow citizens to carry a firearm for self defense purposes if they choose to do so. “If an American citizen has a right to carry a firearm in their state, it makes no sense to treat them like a criminal if they pass through a national park while in possession of a firearm,” Coburn said.

This amendment was attached to H.R 627, the Credit Cardholders Bill of Rights Act of 2009.

Keep in mind the Senate has only voted to allow the amendment to be attached to the credit card bill, it did not pass the entire bill as new legislation awaiting Barack Obama’s signature so that it would became the law of the land. There is still the strong possibility of the amendment being stripped from the final credit card bill that will wind up on Obama’s desk.

Naturally the wacky anti Second Amendment nuts are wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth over the possibility American citizens can drive from a state park on one side of the street, where it may be perfectly legal to possess and carry firearms depending on the state, to the other side of the road that happens to be a national park and still carry their gun. Evidently these idiots think something will instantly change within someone, who is legally able to carry a firearm within their state, once they step onto federal property and they will suddenly start blasting away at bird watching tour groups or shooting willy nilly at anything that moves in the park just for fun.

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From the Wall Street Journal editorial,

Amid so much other news, a Senate vote last week to allow loaded guns in national parks slipped under the media radar. The vote shows how the political cause of gun control is as dead as a mounted moose.

By 67-29, the Senate passed Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn’s amendment to let law-abiding visitors carry legal firearms into national parks. This overturns a 1983 federal rule requiring that firearms be kept unloaded and in an inaccessible place such as a trunk of a car. The provision (now part of credit-card legislation) protects Second Amendment rights, and it preserves the right of states to pass firearm laws that apply consistently, even on federal lands.

The column goes on to state that the liberals have lost the gun debate even within their own Democrat party but I don’t believe this for a minute.

The anti Second Amendment crowd will never let up until they get their way which is total confiscation of every firearm lawfully possessed by American citizens. They know they can’t do anything about illegal possession of firearms in this country even though most gun crime has been proven to be directly attributable to the criminal gang element that has exploded, unabated, all across America.

It’s always easier going after the law abiding under threat of turning them into criminals than it is going after the real crooks as history has proven time and again. Just ask the British and Australian citizens who were once legal firearm owners.

Contrary to the underlying message in the WSJ article the fact of the matter is Second Amendment advocates must never let their guard down and sit back and relax. We must continue to aggressively push back against those who would like nothing more than to strip us of our God given natural right to self protection and our right “to keep and bear arms” guaranteed by the Constitution and reinforced by the 2008 DC v Heller ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Gun control” may not be a politically viable option for the liberals at this moment but just like we have seen with the Nancy Pelosi/CIA debacle they will lie their asses off at the drop of a hat if they think they can make some political hay out of any issue.

–Keep your powder dry and stock up accordingly folks–

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