Rep. John Murtha Camp Utilizes Democrat Thug Politics

Pennsylvania Democrat John Murtha, who has accused the U.S. military of murdering Iraqi civilians in cold blood, had quite the testy reelection campaign last year against Republican challenger and retired Army Reserve officer Bill Russell.

Russel said he had a run in with Murtha’s chief of staff at a March ’09 NRA event where the man, John Hugya, made a threat to have Russell recalled to active duty then court martialed supposedly for running for office while on active duty in the military. This wasn’t the only time Hugya has mentioned using the military justice system to come after Russell.

In an interview with the Glenn Beck radio show Russell was asked if he was concerned about his safety after these threats and Beck said he wanted him to appear on his Fox News show to provide more exposure to this situation ostensibly to help protect Russell from any retribution from the Murtha goons.


The Republican who challenged Rep. John Murtha in 2008 says a top aide to the embattled Pennsylvania Democrat threatened to have him recalled to active duty in the U.S. Army so he could be court-martialed for engaging in politics while serving in the armed forces.

Bill Russell — who challenged Murtha in 2008 and intends to do so again in 2010 — said Murtha chief of staff John Hugya made the threat during a National Rifle Association event in mid-March.

Ret. Col. Gregory Ritch, a former Army Reserve officer who served as Russell’s commanding officer, said he heard Hugya make a similar threat in January.

“[Hugya] said, ‘When the [new] secretary of the Army comes in, we’re going to call his ass back to active duty and we’re going to prosecute him under the [Uniform Code of Military Justice],’” Ritch said Hugya told him during their January conversation.

Ritch said he reported the incident to a military lawyer at that time, although he didn’t think Hugya was serious until Russell informed him of the second threat in March.

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