Miss California Carrie Prejean Speaks Out After Trump Says She Keeps Her Crown

The hard left, giddy with Type A juvenile euphoria now that their party is firmly entrenched in the upper echelons of our government, came after Miss California Carrie Prejean with a vengeance when she answered a setup question about gay marriage at the Miss USA pageant and they haven’t let up for weeks. Interestingly Prejean’s stated opinion that marriage was between a man and a woman echoed not only Barack Obama’s and other leading Democrats’ views on the subject but mirrors the opinions of the majority of people in this country.

Keep in mind this relentless attack on Prejean was nothing more than a warning to everyone else in the public arena. If they don’t toe the line these far left lunatics will come after them with every smear they can possibly dig up and if they can’t find anything scandalous they will simply invent something.

Miss Prejean, who’s sister is a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force and a gay rights activist, has hung tough throughout the many personal assaults showing nothing but class, a concept women on the left wouldn’t or couldn’t understand, and today Donald Trump announced she will indeed retain her Miss California crown despite the desperate attempts by the gay rights lobby and the rabid left wingers to have it taken away.

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