US Capitol Accepts Out Of State Gay Marriage. Firearm Permits Not So Much?


Unlike many others I don’t get excessively wound up over the gay marriage issue. My personal beliefs on the subject wouldn’t change a thing in the course of the future of this country and that is something I am fully aware of. That said, I am a huge believer in states’ rights and if the voters of a particular state determine they wish to allow same sex couples the opportunity to get married then so be it. The price you pay for freedom is having to accept things you may not be all that excited about every once in awhile.

What does bother me is the reaction of the militant gays and left wing moonbats that refuse to accept the will of the people and begin attacking anyone who doesn’t share their views. Case in point would be the response these clowns had to California voters approving a Constitutional amendment stating marriage is between a man and a woman and what Miss California, Carrie Prejean, has gone through since answering a question posed by an absolute idiot during the Miss USA beauty pageant. The left wing whacks have been viciously attacking supporters of California’s Proposition 8 and Prejean ever since the November election and the moment she stated that her opinion ran concurrent with the voters who passed Prop. 8 and coincidently, Barack Hussein Obama.

So this leads us to the announcement today that the Washington D.C. Council has voted 12-1 to accept and recognize gay marriages consummated outside the U.S. Capitol although the legislation stops short of allowing gays to marry within the city.

The District of Columbia Council approved legislation Tuesday to recognize same-sex marriages preformed [sic…ed] in states, a decision that could add fuel to the national debate over gay marriage, because Congress has authority to review all District laws and intervene.

The 13-member council voted 12-1 in favor of the legislation, which doesn’t authorize same-sex marriages in the District. The legislation now heads to Mayor Adrian Fenty, who is expected to sign it.

While Congress has oversight over the District, it has largely relegated governing responsibilities to local officials. Congressional Democratic leaders support statehood rights for the District, but the legislation remains stalled.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) issued a statement Tuesday implying she would not seek congressional intervention in the matter. “I have long believed that Congress should not interfere with internal decisions made by the District of Columbia’s elected representatives,” she said.

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So there you have it. Those elected to represent the residents of Washington D.C. have spoken and a gay couple who legally tie the knot elsewhere and move to, or I suppose even drive through, the city shall be recognized as married as soon as the legislation is signed into law by the mayor.

Since our U.S. Constitution does not address marriage in any fashion this issue is left up to the states to deal with as the voters residing within see fit, a process clearly spelled out in the 10th Amendment.

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Again, there is nothing in the Constitution, one way or the other, that addresses marriage between a man and a woman, two men, two women, a man and a goat or a woman and a horse. This is an issue that has only come about it the last couple of decades or so and could never have been anticipated 230 years ago and that’s why we have judges who are supposed to make their legal decisions based solely on our founding documents. Unfortunately too many in the judiciary are activists, writing legislation from the bench instead of simply interpreting what the legislators have created and squaring that with our Constitution.

So in recap, Washington D.C. has decided to accept and recognize gay marriage, which is not found anywhere in our Constitution, as long as all of the proper procedures were followed to ensure the union is legal in the state the couple were hitched. So be it.

Now that the gay marriage issue has been settled in D.C. perhaps they will take a hard look at how they deal with people who have legally acquired a permit to carry a firearm from their home state government.

You see the Second Amendment, unlike gay marriage, IS actually a large part of our United States Constitution and the right of citizens to keep and bear arms was clearly affirmed, for the first time in the history of our country, by the U.S. Supreme Court in the 2008 landmark D.C. v. Heller decision.

The reason I bring this up goes back to 2006 when Marine Cpl. Melroy H. Cort, a 24 year old college graduate and seriously injured Iraq war veteran, who also happened to possess a concealed carry permit issued by his home state of Ohio, needed to travel to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center for long term treatment due to the loss of both legs in a roadside bombing occurring during his third tour of duty. Regrettably this hospital is located in Washington D.C. and when he and his wife had the misfortune of getting a flat tire in the city someone noticed his firearm when he was transferring it from the vehicle glovebox to his jacket pocket and called the cops.

Needless to say the police were at the scene in short order arresting and jailing a man sitting in a wheelchair who gave both his legs for his country for possession of a firearm even though he had a perfectly legal permit to carry this gun issued by a state government agency.

After being deadlocked twice, a D.C. Superior Court jury yesterday acquitted a Marine amputee on felony charges of gun possession stemming from an arrest while he was on the way to Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

In the 2006 incident, Cpl. Melroy H. Cort, 24, and his wife, Samantha, were en route from their home in Columbus, Ohio, to Walter Reed. Cort’s legs had been amputated above the knees when he was wounded by a makeshift bomb in Ramadi during his third tour of duty in Iraq.

The couple’s car got a flat tire, forcing them to pull over at a car repair shop in the 5000 block of Georgia Avenue NW. While there, Cort said, he reached into the glove compartment, removed a 9mm pistol and put it in his jacket pocket.

A witness who noticed Cort handling the gun called police, who arrested and handcuffed Cort while he was sitting in his wheelchair. He was charged with three counts of carrying a pistol without a license, possession of an unregistered firearm and possession of ammunition. He spent the night in the D.C. jail before returning to Walter Reed.

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The bottom line is if Washington D.C. is going to pass legislation to accept and recognize something not contained in our Constitution, like gay marriage, then they should have little choice but to accept and recognize something that clearly is, our Second Amendment, and the right of law abiding citizens to legally carry firearms when they have gone through all of the proper procedures to acquire a permit from their home state governments to do so.

Like I said earlier,

The price you pay for freedom is having to accept things you may not be all that excited about every once in awhile.

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