Obama Flip Flops On D.C. School Voucher Program

The Opportunity Scholarship Program had been providing private school education to low income families living in the Washington D.C. area for many years. Virtually all school voucher programs are vehemently opposed by the teacher unions, heavy supporters of Obama and the Democrat party, and in this case they wanted and expected some payback. The Democrat controlled Congress obliged the teacher unions by inserting language in the $410 billion omnibus bill that was passed a few months ago effectively putting an end to the OSP.

Interestingly I caught a Fox News show this morning that featured a mother and daughter who feared the girl was going to be yanked out of the OSP and forced back into the rundown D.C. public school system. The mother said she would do whatever it took to keep her daughter in her private school even if it meant taking on an extra job, it was that important to her, and she was very disappointed in the Obama administration and the Democrat controlled Congress for putting an end to this vital school voucher program.

According to the washingtonpost.com Obama today announced he would ask Congress to authorize funding to allow all of the kids currently in the program to graduate from their respective private schools but will not allow any more children to sign up for the D.C. vouchers. You see Democrats in Congress cut funding for the program then Obama can swoop in like a superhero asking for it to be reinstated. What a guy.

President Obama will seek to extend the controversial D.C. school voucher program until all 1,716 participants have graduated from high school, although no new students will be accepted, according to an administration official who has reviewed budget details scheduled for release tomorrow. The budget documents, which expand on the fiscal 2010 blueprint that Congress approved last month by outlining Obama’s priorities in detail, would provide $12.2 million for the Opportunity Scholarship Program for the 2009-2010 school year. The new language also would revise current law that makes further funding for existing students contingent on Congress’s reauthorization of the program beyond its current June 2010 expiration date.

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There was nothing “controversial” about this school voucher program. What the Democrats are worried about is the fact that these minority kids could possibly wind up with a quality education and the last thing a liberal wants to deal with are educated people capable of critical thought. They would prefer to continue manipulating the mind numbed well indoctrinated drones churning through our crumbling public school system year after year.

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