"Your Kid Needs To Learn To Speak Spanish" Says Señor Obama

Another do as I say not as I do moment from Barack Hussein Obama,

‘El no habla’: Obama jumbles Cinco de Mayo salute

President Barack Obama’s joke wasn’t lost in translation—even though he referred to a Cinco de Mayo celebration as “Cinco de Cuatro.” Obama jumbled his words as he welcomed guests to the White House to observe the Mexican holiday, sending the crowd into laughter before he referred to the day correctly. “Welcome to Cinco de Cuatro—Cinco de Mayo at the White House,” said Obama, in what appeared to be an attempt to note they were celebrating on the fourth of May instead of the fifth.

Cinco de cuatro means “five of four” in Spanish. (snip)

“My accent’s always been good,” he said. “It’s just that I only know 15 words.”

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I wonder how embarrassing it was for Obama to visit Mexico and not be able to speak the native language?

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