How Dare Anyone Have The Audacity To Question Anything Obama Does!


To the ignorant masses out there in MTV land Obama is just such a swell guy. Big smile, sharp wit, snazzy dresser, hip dude…oh and he’s that half black fella with all the power of the presidency, a position which was actually intended by our founders to be relatively weak in our form of government lest some arrogant narcissist come along thinking he is some kind of king, or something.

And of course we have the fawning, giddy, panting lapdog media which can barely contain themselves when Mr. Obama enters the room.


Here Obama shuffles into a press briefing, shoving Mr. Family Guy out the door, and the slobbering press bums jump to their feet like he is some kind of four star general and stand there like a bunch of dolts until he tells them to sit down. How much more pathetic can it get folks? (By the way I could care less that they all stayed planted in their seats when Bush showed up. That is what an independent unbiased press is supposed to do. Government officials work for us and are servants of the people…not the other way around.)

Kinda makes you want to shield your eyes in embarrassment for these goofs when you see this kind of behavior doesn’t it? Embarrassment that grows exponentially when you hear some of the incredibly stupid questions so many of these dingbats ask.

So just how tough is it out there in the real world to join or start a conversation about the Dear Reader and offer up anything other than blind, deaf and dumb adulation?

Obama criticism shuts down conversation

Parties were more fun when George W. Bush was president. You could debate, argue even, praise and condemn, throw darts and laurels and solve the world’s problems over a bottle of wine.

No more. At least not in my circles. If you want to stop a conversation in its tracks, just question something President Barack Obama has said or done. It’s not open to debate — and I don’t think that’s healthy, for the country or the president.

It’s especially unsettling for a free speech girl like me. The First Amendment is important — but lately, it feels like my right of self-expression is being squashed.

One example: Obama’s comment to Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show,” comparing his bowling abilities to someone in the Special Olympics.

Can you imagine the uproar had Bush said that? He’d be banished from bowling alleys for eternity. His bowling average and IQ would have immediately been compared in Twitter messages demanding his resignation.

But instead, media and water cooler conversations the next day were about bowling scores and how tough the game can be. Anyone bringing up the insensitivity of the president’s remark heard, “Come on, give the guy a chance. So he said one thing wrong. Anyone could have said something like that.” End of discussion.

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