Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Rally Against Governor's Factually Flawed Gun Banning Agenda


Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is hoping to take advantage of the death of three police officers at the hand of a deranged lunatic to push for a ban on semi automatic rifles and other draconian gun laws. He, ignorantly or otherwise, refers to the gun the idiot used to kill the officers as an assault rifle which it clearly was NOT and says nobody in this country “needs” one since they aren’t used in a duck blind for hunting or the Olympics for target shooting. That is the respect he has for our Second Amendment rights.

The truth of the matter is less than ten people per state were murdered with rifles in this country in 2007 (.015 per 100,000) and twice as many people slip, fall and die than are killed will all firearms combined. In addition the vast majority of firearm murders in this country are carried out by gangbangers not law abiding gun owners.

Rendell is your typical modern liberal (statist) anti firearm Democrat party hack who will never pass up an opportunity to pimp the deaths of human beings in an effort to achieve their goal which is the total destruction of the Second Amendment. For statists like Rendell the answer to everything is more government dependency and far less individual responsibility and the only way to march forward with the program is to continue to chip away at the rights of all Americans.

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Democrats in general and statists specifically rarely use factual information in the pursuit of their agendas instead relying on pure emotion and deliberate falsehoods just as Rendell is doing here. The facts are as follows:

According to the F.B.I. 57 police officers out of the nearly 700,000 sworn officers from around the country including one in Puerto Rico were killed with a firearm in 2007 which would be consistent with the average per year over the last ten years. Granted it would be wonderful if nobody was ever murdered for any reason at the hand of another but that is not reality and as long as man roams the earth he will continue to kill his fellow human being.

Of the 57, eight were killed with a rifle. Eight, in the entire country. Yes, two officers in Oakland and the three in Pennsylvania were killed with semi automatic rifles within the last several weeks but I would like to see the final reports on the tactics involved that put these officers in the position to get shot to see how these tragedies may have been avoided regardless of the weapon used against them. In Oakland it has been said that officers were under orders to not approach black people in their vehicles with their guns drawn to avoid appearing racist. This approach could very well have cost all four officers their lives (the first two were murdered execution style with an illegally possessed handgun and the other two were killed with an illegally possessed semi auto rifle secreted in the dead suspects’ sisters apartment) before the criminal with a long rap sheet including hard prison time could be terminated.

Now let’s contrast the previously mentioned number of murdered officers with the fact that in 2007 83 officers were killed in various accidents including 49 who were killed in vehicle wrecks. In fact the number of officers killed in accidents in 2007 was at its highest point since 2000 and an average of 76 a year over the last ten years have passed away as the result of an accident, nearly 20 more per year than are shot to death.

In response to Governor Rendell’s anticipated assault on the Second Amendment Pennsylvania gun owners held a rally yesterday in the state capitol of Harrisburg.

About 1,000 gun owners rallied Tuesday to protect what some called a “God-given” right to bear arms as elected leaders reacted to the slayings of three Pittsburgh police officers with calls for gun control.

Leaders of gun groups urged those gathered at the state Capitol to lobby against bills for gun registrations, limited handgun purchases, local gun ordinances or a federal ban on assault weapon sales.

It would be a mistake for the state Legislature to allow cities and towns to enact gun ordinances, the head of the National Rifle Association said. Such a move would result in “a confusing patchwork of laws,” said John Sigler, the NRA president.

“You could be driving in your car or your pickup to a camp and wind up in jail” because of a strict gun law in a city across the state, Sigler said.

More than 60 guns were checked with Capitol Police as protesters arrived at the rally, a Department of General Services spokesman said.

The rally was held a week after Gov. Ed Rendell suggested legislation limiting sales of assault weapons and allowing local gun laws after the April 4 fatal shootings of officers Eric G. Kelly, Stephen J. Mayhle and Paul J. Sciullo in Stanton Heights.

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Meanwhile approximately (PDF) 25 innocent American citizens are killed each day in this country at the hands of illegal aliens because there aren’t enough police officers to protect the public and the federal government refuses to do anything about the problem…..and clowns like Rendell want to disarm us law abiding firearm owners.

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