So Much For Patriotism. Biden, In Top Wage Earner Group, Collects Social Security Anyway


Patriotic huh? It’s patriotic to pay more taxes because you have worked your rear end off for years and have reached a level in life where you are finally starting to see some of that ROI, a return on those investments of 20 hour work days and four hour sleepless nights…for years?

It’s patriotic to hand over your hard earned money to people like Obama, Biden and a bazillion other government bureaucrats (who have spent a lifetime feeding at the public trough and wouldn’t know a private sector job if it sat in their lap and called them mama) so they can pass it around to those whose multi generational means of financial support has never amounted to more than bi-monthly trips to the local welfare office? That is patriotic? No Mr. Biden that sir is insanity.

Now I certainly don’t begrudge those who have paid into the Social Security system their entire working lives and receive benefits when they become eligible and nobody should but is it patriotic to earn over $250,000 last year and still collect over $6,500 in Social Security Mr. Biden?

And how about those charitable donations there big spender? Less than a thousand bucks to help those in need out of an income of $320,000 in 2007? An average of $369 a year over the last decade in charitable contributions Mr. Biden?

Talk about some glaring hypocrisy from the infamous plagiarizer.

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. announced last month that Social Security beneficiaries will get one-time $250 stimulus bonus payments beginning in May.

He didn’t mention that he will be one of the recipients.

The annual tax returns for Biden and his wife, Jill, released last week, show he began collecting Social Security benefits in 2008. He became eligible for full benefits in November when he reached age 66.

Social Security beneficiaries will receive their $13 billion share of the $787 billion Obama stimulus package as early as May. Each of more than 50 million Social Security beneficiaries is entitled to $250 under the stimulus measure.

“These folks need the money,” Biden said in announcing the payment schedule. “People are going to be actually spending that money.”

Asked about Biden’s decision to begin collecting benefits, spokeswoman Ann Marie Tomasini issued a brief statement: “Vice President Biden is eligible under the law to collect his full benefits at age 66.”

Biden’s annual Senate salary was $169,300 last year. He will earn $227,300 in 2009 as vice president.

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