Just A Quiet Little Red State Party Weekend


Yeehaw! Check out this redneck weekend party video.

Geez, no wonder there’s a freakin’ ammo shortage in this country huh folks!?

Rock on all you ‘chine gunnin’ red staters!

(For those who may not be aware of federal laws concerning the possession of fully automatic weapons and or “machine guns” in this country I would like to gently nudge you over here to this posting from a month or so ago.

The possession of fully automatic weapons are heavily regulated in this country and every person that lawfully owns one is well known to the federal government.. That said even the uber liberal governor of Kansas and presumptive Health and Human Services Secretary in the Obama administration, Kathleen Sebelius, signed a bill in 2008 allowing the possession of automatic weapons, silencers and short barreled shotguns by Kansas residents. Honest, she really did.

So untwist the panties, delete the frantic emails to our man Janet Napolitano about another right wing extremist site and enjoy the music!)

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  1. Stephen says:

    That’s bad ass!

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