Cash In Carry On Earns Air Traveler Unwarranted Security Grief


So what happens when someone is simply trying to wind their way through airport security and board an airplane then all of a sudden some Transportation Security Administration (TSA) people detain them for having some cash in their possession? Not a machine gun. Not a box cutter. Not a hand grenade and they don’t even come close to resembling the very people responsible for all of the terrorists acts around the world. They just have some plain old U.S. paper currency in their carry on bag.

Were talking about a white guy with the proceeds from the sale of products trying to get from point A to point B when all of a sudden five federal TSA employees threaten him, while spewing filthy language, with the Drug Enforcement Agency and the F.B.I. and yet cannot or refuse to explain to him, an American citizen, what laws he is suspected of violating.

Does any clear thinking person in this country think for one minute these TSA thugs would have tried this crap with a Mexican? A black person? A Muslim with all the head wrappings? ……and spoke to them in this fashion?

Wait. Did this young man reference the Missouri Information Analysis Center “report?” The one that says that anyone that believes in the Constitution, limited government, that babies should have a chance to live, the Second Amendment and supports third party candidates for office just might be domestic terrorists? That “report”?

I do wonder if that had anything to do with this illegal and un-Constitutional confinement of this man by these TSA thugs? Hmmmmm…..yes I do wonder.

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