Most Powerful U.S. Radar System Was Not Used During North Korean Missile Launch


Obama: Hey Gates, what the heck is that thing?

Defense Secretary Robert Gates: That would be the Sea Based X-Band Radar or SBX Mr. President.

Obama: Well what in the heck is it for and what does it do?

Defense Secretary Robert Gates: Mr. President the SBX radar provides detailed ballistic missile tracking information to the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system, which is a component of the national missile defense strategy of the United States, as well as advanced target and countermeasures discrimination capability for the GMD interceptor missiles. The ability of the SBX to deploy to operating locations under its own power allows it to support actual GMD operations as well as realistic testing.

Obama: So this would be the perfect piece of equipment to track this missile that North Korea is about ready to launch?

Defense Secretary Robert Gates: Oh absolutely Mr. President. This thing is amazing. It’s so powerful we can detect when one of these commie leaders scratches his ass from half a world away. When we deploy the SBX for this missile launch we will be able to get very detailed information that we just can’t get with other systems in place.

Obama: Really? It’s that powerful huh? Well I don’t want to make the little pot bellied dictator think we are being “provocative” so I’m not going to allow it’s deployment. It’s more important that we go through United Nation channels to handle this situation. You know, all that One World Order stuff. Stand down on the request by Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart for the SBX. We’ll just send a couple of warships out to the area to make it look like we mean business but we won’t do anything about the launch. This country has just been too mean to other countries around the world for way too long and the people that tell me what to do want America to start looking like an impotent wimp now that the cowboy is gone.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates: Yes sir. You’re the boss and we know it’s not about protecting the American people anyway, it’s all about politics. By the way do you think this would be the ideal time for me to announce your huge budget cuts for missile defense?

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That little conversation leads us to this from the,

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. failed to use best radar for N. Korea missile

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates denied permission for the U.S. Northern Command to use the Pentagon’s most powerful sea-based radar to monitor North Korea’s recent missile launch, precluding officials from collecting finely detailed launch data or testing the radar in a real-time crisis, current and former defense officials said.

Jamie Graybeal, Northcom public affairs director, confirmed to The Washington Times that Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart, the Northcom commander, requested the radar’s use but referred all other questions to the Pentagon.

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said Mr. Gates’ decision not to use the $900 million radar, known as SBX, was “based on the fact that there were numerous ground- and sea-based radars and sensors in the region to support the operational requirements for this launch.”

SBX, deployed in 2005, can track and identify warheads, decoys and debris in space with very high precision. Officials said the radar is so powerful it could detect a baseball hit out of a ballpark from more than 3,000 miles away, and that other radars used by the U.S. would not be able to provide the same level of detail about North Korea’s missile capabilities.

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