Bad News For Feinstein. The Truth About Firearm Crime in America


“If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an out right ban, picking up every one of them… “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in, “I would have done it. I could not do that. The votes weren’t here.”
–U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), CBS-TV’s “60 Minutes”–2/5/95

The following comments were made by U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein
(D-CA) during U.S. Senate hearings on terrorism held in
Washington, D.C. on April 27, 1995:

“Because less than twenty years ago I was the target of a terrorist group. It was the New World Liberation Front. They blew up power stations and put a bomb at my home when my husband was dying of cancer. And the bomb didn’t detonate. … I was very lucky. But, I thought of what might have happened. Later the same group shot out all the windows of my home.”

And, I know the sense of helplessness that people feel. I know the urge to arm yourself because that’s what I did. I was trained in firearms. I’d walk to the hospital when my husband was sick. I carried a concealed weapon. I made the determination that if somebody was going to try to take me out,
I was going to take them with me.”

The very same Senator Diane Feinstein sat down for a taped appearance on the CBS 60 Minutes show with Leslie Stahl, scheduled to be aired April 12, and they had a typically liberal deep thought discussion about “gun control.” Feinstein said presently the political “timing” is not right to come after law abiding firearm owners in this country (read it’s too close to the 2010 elections and she isn’t sure how badly Obama is gonna piss off Independents and disgruntled Democrats if he keeps up with the nonsense of the last two months) just yet and that she “will pick the time and place” when it is. You see it’s not about safety with people like Feinstein, it never has been and never will be, it’s all about power and control and I’ll prove it.

Once again a video is pulled down by Youtube because it showed a Democrat, this time Dianne Feinstein, in a true light.

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“The National Rifle Association essentially has a stranglehold on the Congress.”

So let’s see, years ago Diane Feinstein was so concerned about her personal safety that she acquired a very hard to get California concealed weapon permit in order to carry a firearm (and she may still carry to this day) to protect herself in the event someone with ill intentions happened to attack her. But now she bashes an organization that has been around since 1871 which is dedicated to preserving the God given right of all Americans, guaranteed under our Second Amendment, to possess firearms.

The NRA is not and has never been accused of being a radical organization employing or representing a large group of people who have been arrested for criminal activity. On the contrary the NRA provides extensive training for both public and private law enforcement officers. In addition the NRA offers training and safety instruction for hunters, an “Eddie Eagle” firearm safety program for children and a female specific program called “Women on Target” which is designed to assist women in all aspects of firearm usage and ownership in a comfortable non competitive environment.

The NRA has a long history of supporting strong Second Amendment candidates for public office REGARDLESS of political affiliations and has endorsed many Democrats over Republicans over the years. I know, I’ve been a member for decades. Contrary to popular belief not every Republican supports the rights of American citizens when it comes to the Second Amendment.

Now let’s compare the NRA, which receives no government funding, with that shady gang called ACORN. Many ACORN representatives have been accused, indicted and convicted of criminal activity over the years primarily involving voter registration and voter fraud which ALWAYS benefits Democrats, all over the country. Their reward for this documented criminal behavior? Continual taxpayer funding from their Democratic benefactors in Congress to the tune of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS such as in that disgusting “stimulus bill” that was rammed through Congress at the beginning of the year.

Anti Second Amendment statists like Feinstein (the hypocrite) have no problem attacking over one million Americans that happen to strongly believe in our Constitution yet she supports the shoveling of billions of our hard earned taxpayer dollars to a group that tramples all over the laws of our land, and she doesn’t bat an eye.

Statist politicians always claim gun control is all about safety which is nothing but pure easily debunked garbage. I tend to rely on numbers and facts rather than politically motivated rhetoric.

The article linked to above that addressed Feinstein’s appearance on the 60 Minutes show has a little box on the left titled “Related.” Under that is “Interactive” and below that is “Guns In America.”

I clicked through “Guns In America” to the “State By State” section which opened a pop up window. I was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you to find statistics posted by CBS that used the rabidly anti gun group Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence as a source for their information.

The number and rate of firearm related deaths in the United States have declined in the past decade. Still, 30,242 people died of gunshot wounds in 2002 and the national rate of deaths by firearms per 100,000 residents was 10.5.

Sources: National Center for Health Statistics; Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

This is a completely disingenuous twisting of the truth and for CBS to be so blatant in their disregard for the facts is appalling but we know they are far from an independent news outlet and exist simply to help carry the water for liberal causes in this country.

What the anti Second Amendment Brady Campaign did when they provided these numbers to CBS was to add to all suicides, which happen to represent the highest percentage of deaths by firearm in this country, to the criminal usage of a firearm murder statistics and that is how they came up with the 30,242 and 10.5 per 100,000 figures.

While suicide is a very tragic way to deal with problems in life people will find a way to end their misery if they are determined. The vast majority of people in this country are concerned about the criminal usage of firearms and being safe from that perspective which is exactly what the gun control politicians always preach, a promise of safety through disarming law abiding citizens.

I’m not going to change the minds of those that hate guns and want them magically banned from the country and that is not my point with the facts I am going to present. The people I aim to reach are those that are sick of being lied to by the left wing politicians and the Democratic party propagandist arm, the mainstream media and just want to see the real deal.

According to FBI statistics there were 301,621,157 inhabitants of the United States in 2007 and a total of 16,929 people were killed at the hands of another human being resulting in a murder (NOT death) rate of 5.6 per 100,000 (301,621,157÷100,000=3016. 16,929÷3016=5.6) which was actually a 1.3 percent decrease when compared with the rate for 2006.

Continuing on with the FBI statistics for the same year there was a total of 14,831 total murders committed in the U.S. with some type of weapon and 10,086 of these were attributable to firearms resulting in a murder rate by firearm of 3.3 per 100,000 which is not even close to the numbers provided by CBS via the Brady Campaign.(to abolish the Second Amendment)

These figures and statistics come directly from the FBI which simply compiles the numbers from around the country and tallies them up without any particular agenda, one way or the other, when it comes to “gun control.”

Of the 10,086 murders in 2007 where a firearm was involved:

Handguns were used 7,361 times–a per state average of 147.2 which works out to 2.4 per 100,000 inhabitants living in the U.S.

Rifles were used 450 times–a per state average of 9 which works out to 0.15 per 100,000 inhabitants living in the U.S.

Shotguns were used 455 times–a per state average of 9.1 which works out to 0.15 per 100,000 inhabitants living in the U.S.

Unknown firearms were used 1820 times–a per state average of 36.4 which works out to 0.6 per 100,000 inhabitants living in the U.S.

Naturally one must wonder about the impact gangs have on the number of murders committed by firearms in this country so I thought I would see what the U.S. Department of Justice had to say:

Gun-related homicide is most prevalent among gangs and during the commission of felony crimes. In 1976, the percentage of homicides caused by firearms during arguments was about the same as from gang involvement (about 70 percent), but by 1993, nearly all gang-related homicides involved guns (97 percent), whereas the percentage of gun homicides related to arguments remained relatively constant. The percentage of gang-related homicides caused by guns fell slightly to 94 percent in 2004, but the percentage of homicides caused by firearms during the commission of a felony rose from about 60 percent to 77 percent from 1976 to 2005.

More from the DOJ:

Juvenile firearm violence became common in many U.S. cities during the 1990s, and although gun violence peaked in 1993, it remains a persistent problem. Most youth gun violence is concentrated within a few urban neighborhoods (sometimes called “hot spots”) and is perpetrated by gang members.

Keep in mind these “urban areas” almost always have the most stringent gun control laws found in the country and are generally found in states that follow the same pattern when it comes to respect for our Second Amendment

Now let’s take the real numbers of firearm related murders which would be the previously mentioned 3.3 per 100,000 and compare them to the danger of driving upon the highways of America since we know that statist politicians and other anti Second Amendment people in this country are only concerned with safety and saving lives…right?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the number of (pdf) automobile related deaths in the United States was 41,059 in 2007 resulting in a death rate of 13.6 per 100,000, more than four times that of the number of people in this country who were murdered with a firearm that year.

The U.S. has among the most if not THE most stringent safety requirements for automobiles on the planet.

All vehicles sold in the U.S. must conform to very rigid governmental crash test criteria, including head on, rear and side impact collision parameters. If a vehicle cannot acceptably pass these tests it will not be sold in this country.

The government requires all automobile manufacturers to install specialized safety glass, seat belts, air bags, specific lighting and a myriad of frame and body construction requirements too numerous to post here. Auto makers often go above and beyond what the government dictates by offering such things as side impact air bags, run flat tire technology and on board communication systems that can connect motorists instantly with a live person when help is needed and even call for assistance automatically in the event of a collision that causes the air bag to deploy. In addition strict child restraint seat requirements are the law of the land with heavy penalties for parents that don’t heed them. Thank God we can get fined for not looking after our own children huh?

You almost wonder how in the hell someone can get hurt let alone killed when merely driving down the road in one of these highly sophisticated, well engineered vehicles with all of the built in safety devices don’t you?

Yet back in 2007 115 people including mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles and best friends died every day on the roads of America. Every single day of the year.

As far as I know there is no law in the land that prohibits a 16 year old newly licensed driver from walking into a new car show room and driving out in a 450 horsepower Corvette as long as they have the financial means to do so yet teenagers are twice as likely to die in a vehicle wreck than be killed in a homicide of any type.

Chart source NHTSA

Senator Feinstein says she will determine when she is ready for another “assault weapon” ban (which are not really assault weapons to begin with) yet she has absolutely nothing to stand on when it comes to crime statistics.

Ban semi-automatic rifles because nine people per state per year are murdered with them? I’ll bet a hell of a lot more people slip, fall and die in this country than are illegally shot and killed with a rifle and that includes all of the carnage caused by gang bangers.

Wait I don’t have to bet and you can save your money. According to the Center For Disease Control 20,426 people were killed in falls in 2005, nearly twice as many as by firearms in general and 45 times more than people who were murdered with a rifle in 2007.


Now I know there are thousands of good people that have been impacted by the shooting death of a loved one at the hand of some maniacal scumbag yet they unfortunately blame the instrument and not the human debris that pulled the trigger. That said Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s families are no less saddened because they were gruesomely slashed to death at the hand of her ex husband instead of murdered by a firearm. The pain that my brother’s daughter feels because her dad was beaten to death in his own living room is no less because the murderers, who still haven’t been bound over for trial nearly two years after his death, didn’t use a firearm.

The ultimate goal of the anti Second Amendment crowd is to completely eliminate firearms in this country and it has nothing to do with safety, it has everything to do with having power over our lives. You see without the means to protect ourselves when events have spun completely out of control those in power can dictate every aspect of our lives and we can no longer do anything about it.

Please take a moment to see how British citizens feel about allowing their government to disarm them years ago as they watch their country being overrun with radical Islamics and they can’t do a damn thing about it.

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