Limbaugh To New York, See YA! Governor Patterson Thrilled


Imagine a Republican governor saying how happy they were that some wealthy flamin’ liberal was packing up and getting the hell out of “their” state. Flip that thought around and that is exactly what the unelected and certain to be non electable governor of New York David Patterson (D-Taxgoon) said about Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh who owns property and occasionally works in New York City has said enough is enough, he is done and grabbin’ a hat.

Hounded by government audits year after year and the never ending flood of rising taxes he has decided to say buh bye and take his millions with him. Say what you want about the man but he does have a pile of cash that New York was tapping into it every year for the last dozen and a half or so but apparently that well is gonna run dry here real soon.

Good riddance the liberals will say until the idiots realize that Limbaugh is one of the 40,000 tax filers out of some eight million residents that shoulder half the entire tax burden for the city.

Even Mayor Michael “I change political parties like I change underwear” Bloomberg…gets it.

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