Deceased Veteran's Bodies Mistreated At Funeral Home


It’s hard to imagine a funeral home would treat the bodies of the deceased such as is alleged in the following article, especially those of our military veterans. The revealing account from a retired Maryland State trooper turned funeral home embalmer about what was evidently business as usual at the National Funeral Home in Falls Church, Va is truly disturbing. The dead were allegedly left in an unrefrigerated garage, in hallways and on makeshift cardboard box gurneys, leaking bodily fluids onto the floor. I can’t imagine anyone being able to not only work under those conditions but how a business could operate this way.

A funeral home that helps handle veterans awaiting burial at Arlington National Cemetery left corpses in an unrefrigerated garage, hallways and on makeshift gurneys, according to a former embalmer who has given his photographs and notes to authorities, The Washington Post reported Sunday.

“It was disturbing and disrespectful and unethical,” said Steven Napper, a retired Maryland trooper who worked at the funeral home for nine months. “I never could have imagined what I saw there or the things we were asked to do.”

Napper said he saw as many as 200 corpses not properly cared for while working at National Funeral Home in Falls Church, Va., from May until he quit in February. National Funeral Home also embalms and stores bodies for four other funeral homes in the D.C. region that are all part of Houston-based Service Corporation International, the world’s largest funeral services conglomerate.

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