Some News And Issues Of The Day For Tuesday March 31st


Australians are helping the U.S. watch for illegals trying to sneak across the border while getting drunk at their favorite neighborhood pub.
I guess our friends down undah didn’t get the memo that we now have a Homeland Security (snicker) Secretary that could care even less than the last one about the great south American bum rush into our country. That said what could be more fun than ripping down to your favorite watering hole after work, bellying up to the bar and staring at computer screens displaying real time video of the border between the U.S. and Mexico…while getting blitzed? Oh well it keeps them busy and we probably snag a bad guy every once in awhile because of their efforts. Thanks guys!

Screwing around on your spouse? If so look out for those goofy looking 360° cameras on top of goofy looking vehicles driving down your particular street of dreams.
Honestly what are the odds that at precisely the same time one of Google’s street map vehicles is driving by one would be caught hugging their cheating partner in plain view? It’s not like they need to photograph the same street every day, once they’ve done the deed they are good to go probably for good. In addition the images are not exactly crystal clear, at least the many I have looked at, so I think when someone does gets popped it’s just plain old fashioned dumb luck.

Gotta hate it when your political correctness damn near burns the house down.
Now I understand many people feel much more comfortable following the herd mentality because life is just easier that way but sometimes the easy way out can cost ya. Here we have a family that wanted to play along and light a candle after they turned off their lights for this stupid Earth Hour stunt. What these and many other folks didn’t realize is burning paraffin based candles will wind up doing more so called “damage” to the environment than just leaving the damn lights on in the first place! Goofs.

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15 people added to the unemployment statistics after snooping through that “octomom” wacko’s hospitals records. Obama will probably hire them for his staff.
Why these people would risk their jobs looking through Nadya Suleman’s medical information is beyond me. Nobody cares what this goofy broad is up to and nobody cares what she is doing except for the lowest common denominators walking among us. What is kind of interesting about this story is Obama had his passport records accessed (well actually they were scrubbed of all incriminating info) during the presidential campaign and he turns around and hires the owner of the company who’s employees did the dirty deed as his top terrorism and intelligence adviser! How’s that for payback huh folks?

Congressional Black caucus whines that not enough of the taxpayer funded free handouts are going to minorities and women.
This kind of mind numbing garbage reminds me of the chorus of that old Sonny and Cher song. “The beat goes on, the beat goes on. Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain. La de da de de, la de da de da.” Many of the problems banks are having today can be directly traced back to the Community Reinvestment racket given to us by the former worst president this country has ever seen, Jimmy Carter, and bumped up a few hundred notches by the first black president Bill Clinton. You may recall this was the racket that forced banks to give home loans to minorities who had absolutely no hope or ability to pay them back? Sound familiar Maxine Waters, you dunce?

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