Secret Service Code Name "Renegade" Fits Obama Perfectly


Secret Service code names are no longer much of a secret these days. Anybody cool enough to have agents swarming all around them for personal protection has one and it’s pretty easy to find out what it is if one is so inclined.

Michelle Obama’s not so secret code name is “Renaissance” and daughters Malia and Sasha go by the handles of “Radiance” and “Rosebud.” It looks like “R’s” rule the day in the Obama household.

What is rather interesting is the Secret Service code name (code names are assigned by the White House Communications Agency and according to a spokesman “given on a whim”) provided to president Barack Hussein Obama.

Mr. Obama’s code name is “Renegade” which according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary means, as a noun:

1 : a deserter from one faith, cause, or allegiance to another

2 : an individual who rejects lawful or conventional behavior

and as an adjective:

1 : having deserted a faith, cause, or religion for a hostile one

2 : having rejected tradition : unconventional

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Let’s see we have a guy sitting in the Oval Office who is not qualified nor eligible to be there according to our Constitution. Check.

We have a guy, no wait a family, that for some 20 years sat in the pews of a church run by a Caucasian and America hating pastor who preached the radical and unconventional Black Liberation Theology. Check.

We have a family that has yet to join any church since they moved into our White House. Check.

We have a fraud posing as president that has kicked tradition to the curb by telling the Marine Band to can the traditional “Hail to the Chief” tune when he is around the second day he was in office. Check

We have a fraud posing as a president who just unilaterally fired the CEO of a private sector company. Check.

We have a fraud posing as a president that just told another private sector company they must merge with a foreign company in order to stay in business. Check.

We have the same fraud who has announced his plans to force everyone in this country to perform “community service” and conscript young people into involuntary indoctrination programs. A direct violation of our Thirteen Amendment. Check.

We have a fraud posing as president who clearly violated election fundraising laws on his way to corrupting our voting process in a manner never seen before in this country. Check. Check. Check. Check. and on and on….

Well it looks like that name “Renegade” fits Obama to a tee now doesn’t it? What are the odds the White House Communication Agency would just pull the code name “Renegade” out of thin air and assign it to the guy who’s picture should be right next to the definition in the dictionary? What are the odds indeed.

We aren’t done.

Where did the word “renegade” come from?

Well it apparently comes from an old Spanish word “renegado.”

Renegade, renegado…yes I see the connection.

So what did this word renegado mean? You’re going to love this.

According to the website renegado is a word used to describe someone who has converted from Christianity to become a Muslim.


It’s amazing how much of the information about Obama and what he is all about is right in front of our faces yet so many people fail to open their eyes and see it.

There is an evil cabal behind this Obama fraud and they are hell bent on destroying this country as we know it. Two hundred and thirty three years of freedom and liberty are swirling the drain and if we don’t turn this thing around we won’t see year 234.

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