Some News And Issues Of The Day For Monday March 30th


The fight is on in Texas for the right to be legally armed on university grounds.
The battle to prevent students and faculty from protecting themselves rages in Texas and one of the leaders looks to be some girlie boy,John Woods, who was attending Virginia Tech back when that gutless whack job strolled into the target rich gun free zone and started blasting away. Defenseless students dropped like flies because they had no way to fight back and when the shooting stopped 32 people lay dead, killed like sheep. Of course the Brady Campaign anti Second Amendment clowns are right in the thick of this fight and are simply using Woods as a useful idiot for maximum effect. They use the same old tired and fully debunked argument that if lawful concealed carry were to be allowed a bloodbath will surely ensue. This has been proven demonstrably false EVERYWHERE concealed carry is legal and it would be the same on the campuses in Texas.

“Earth Hour” silliness results in no discernible drop in electrical usage in either of the big liberal states, California and New York.
Well so much for that useless stunt. Come on everyone turn off your lights for an hour so you can assuage your liberal guilt for being alive, taking up precious space and wasting resources here on mother earth. Oh and so some nitwit can be a “hero” to lots of people sporting a collective IQ right there with Congress’s approval rating. You see with these left wing lunatics it’s never the actual results of what they do that matter. Their only concern is that they made some kind of splash across TV screens and make everyone think “they care.” Take Al Gore, Mr. Climate Change himself, for instance as he was caught with all kinds of lights on during this stupid Earth Day idiocy.

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The P.E.T.A (people for the ethical treatment of animals) hypocrites killed 95% of adoptable pets in their custody in 2008.
Another uber lefty organization caught up in their own hypocrisy. It seems the P.E.T.A. crowd is going to have to quickly come up with some serious spin for why they put to death roughly six small animals every day last year. I guess they will call it ethical to kill these little creatures instead of trying to place them with adoptive families. In 2008 PETA killed 2,124 animals in 2008 while managing to find homes for only seven. These creeps could care less about these animals all they want is an outlet to express their radical views which typical of all these loony left organizations out there. Hopefully this story will hit the mainsteam media and take off….or will their friends in the liberal press have their backs as usual?

Get ready for a slew of radical WAY out there deep into left field judges that Obama plans on appointing just like this clown.
Judges have one job. Ensure all of their rulings are made according to our Constitution. Their personal biases or radical prejudices need not apply. While Senate majority leader Harry Reid whines like a two year old about Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts “lying” during his confirmation hearings concerning his ideology Obama is ready to appoint Harold Koh as one of the top U.S. lawyers. This guy is a big fan of U.S. courts taking into account international and Sharia law and judges incorporating these into their decisions. His ideas include using the thoughts and opinions of foreign courts and applying them to legal issues within this country. I highly recommend reading this article to get a better idea of why this guy is a really bad choice for this country.

General David Petraeus says he doesn’t necessarily agree with former veep Dick Cheney’s assessment of this nation’s security under Obama.
Well duh! What did everyone expect him to say? Something like, “my boss is an ignorant idiot who has no clue what he is doing because he has absolutely no experience or qualifications to hold the office of president” perhaps? In the article Obama announced the U.S. presence in Afghanistan would be subject to “benchmarks” for progress. What this means is if the war becomes a political liability he will cut and run and leave the legacy of those who fought and died in that God forsaken country in the dusty gutter of some sand swept no name mud hut village out in the middle of nowhere.

Why does Obama keep it a secret he is loading up high profile jobs in the White House with black women?
I’m curious why Obama is keeping the appointment of many black women to top jobs in his administration on the down low? Why would he not come out and shout it from the mountaintops? I guess the only real problem would be if he was bypassing more qualified people and appointing these women simply based on their skin color. If I’m not mistaken I believe that would be against federal law but then again we know these people in the Obama administration, from the top down, could care less about our laws or the Constitution.

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