Obama Fires GM's CEO Guarantees Vehicle Warranty Service


Well I certainly feel better and hope everyone else does too now that the federal government, currently up to it’s proverbial crooked nose in enough problems to keep the squirrel cage spinning every moment of the day, is in the motor vehicle warranty business.

Now that Obama has fired GM’s CEO can anyone think of a single person in the Obama administration that has worked outside of academia, Wall Street or the government? How in the hell do they know what a solid business plan looks like let alone how to oversee the management of a company this size since nobody in the upper echelons of this administration has ever owned or run a business of any size including the community organizer in chief.

By most accounts a significant issue sucking GM dry is the “legacy costs” or pay and healthcare commitment to retirees. These enormous costs to the company were secured (forced upon the automakers) by the United Auto Worker’s (UAW) union over the years so why didn’t Obama ask for UAW president Ron Gettelfinger resignation? There’s one of those rhetorical questions.As a public service here are the White House numbers to use in the event your new GM or Chrysler vehicle requires government guaranteed warranty service.

Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461

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Apparently the ragging got to him so Mr. Tennis Match has ditched his teleprompters only to now weird us out with that constant eyeballing of the honking flat screen TV five feet from his face feeding him every word he says.

All these loons running around claiming Obama is such an enrapturing orator must have never seen or heard the guy speak without reading his lines off a screen.

Case in point.

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