News And Issues Of The Day For Wednesday March 25th


Democratic Senator proves beyond a doubt he is too stupid to understand basic economic principals.
The newspaper industry is dying a rapid and well deserved death and the tree huggers should be thrilled what with all of the trees that will be saved. People that own birds and small rodent type pets will simply have to find another method to line their cages. The fact that people prefer to read about news rather than left wing propaganda in every damn article seems to have escaped those that have invested heavily in the industry for years. The solution to the NON problem? A Democrat proposing we convert these rags into “non profit” bird cage liners. In other words you will be forced to support via higher taxes (since these papers will now no longer have to pay them) the same left wing message that is killing the papers right now whether you choose to buy the rag or not.

Good guy one, bad guy dead.
So you are standing in line at a fast food joint minding your own business. Suddenly some street thug with an illegally possessed gun (you see bad guys don’t care about any laws hence the term…criminal) bursts through the door pointing the weapon in all directions ready to shoot anyone that looks at him crosseyed. You have a concealed carry permit and feel your life or the life of an innocent person is in danger so you quickly access your legally carried firearm and engage the dirtbag. You order him to drop the weapon and prone out on the floor but he refuses by means of a quick pull on the trigger. You’re hit but adrenaline kicks in and you manage to quickly squeeze off a few well placed rounds center mass, perfectly on target. You and others in the restaurant live for another day and the crook doesn’t. Just the way it is supposed to be.

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Constant bashing of Wall Street by the Obama administration creating some serious friction? Nope, it’s all a big game to throw us off.
Yeah we know most of it is just political posturing for the benefit of the meek minded and the media. (did I just repeat myself?) The phone calls back and forth behind the scenes are all that really matters between the two camps especially when it comes to which high end restaurant they are going to spend thousands in taxpayer money for dinner on any given night. The real deal in this article? George Soros, one of the people behind the deliberate wrecking of our economy and the manipulation of the stock market..

George Soros dismissed many of the proposals discussed at the conference as “tinkering.” Mr. Soros sought a thorough overhaul of regulation of the markets. “The idea that the markets are self-correcting has been proven false. … The market, rather than reflecting the underlying reality, is always distorting it.”

The really smart people know this hairbrained plan proposed by the Obama administration to “buy up toxic assets” from banks is well….stupid.

Debate arose yesterday among the more than 50 living winners of the acclaimed prize, with a lopsided ratio of 9-to-1 giving Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s plan a public thumbs-down. They call the rescue effort “a triumph of hope over experience to believe that more government will help the United States today.” Nobel winner and Columbia University Professor Edmund Phelps said Geithner’s plan to buy toxic bank assets “is a non-starter” despite its warm reception on Wall Street.

Democrats still scared to death of Sarah Palin.
A bunch of despicable gutless left wingers taking their marching orders from their sleazy cousins in Washington D.C. have been barraging the Alaskan Governor with ridiculous ethics complains no doubt hoping to run her political capitol into the ground before the next national election. This way her left wing opponents can stand up and proclaim, “Gee look at all of these ethics complaints Palin has as governor!” Of course they will never point out these ‘complaints” originated from agenda driven pinheads who have no life scouring the internet praying for any tiny detail they can find to bring some harassment.

Linda Kellen Biegel, a Democrat who blogs under the name “Celtic Diva,” said in her complaint that Palin “improperly used her position and state resources to serve her personal financial interests by being a walking billboard for Arctic Cat, a private for-profit company and family business sponsor.”

A Walking billboard huh? Palin wore a jacket to one of her husband’s snowmachine races with what 30 people standing around? Biegel, you are a loser and an embarrassment to the Alaskan community.

A.I.G. executive writes his resignation letter.
An interesting read indeed.

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