Missouri Militia Profiling Report Pulled


Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder has called for an investigation of the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) and to have Department of Public Safety Director John Britt, who oversees information released through the organization, put on administrative leave until the state can get to the bottom of the profiling of citizens contained in a six page document first reported by Alex Jones’ prisonplanet.com. In virtually every case there has been a complete failure to credit prisonplanet.com and infowars.com for this explosive story. Typical of the lamestream media these days.

This report, released to Alex Jones by a concerned law enforcement official, provided a scathing and completely unwarranted attack on militias and citizens claiming those who supported third party candidates for president, Christians, those opposed to abortion, those in favor of our Constitution, those weary of egregious abuses by federal agencies, those fed up with the corrupt federal reserve system and those that would like to see the United Nations implode and simply go away should be considered high risk and potentially dangerous people.

The report quickly became viral and the presidential candidates mentioned Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin and Representative Ron Paul (pdf) demanded their names be removed from the report.

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The Missouri State Highway Patrol Superintendent Colonel Jim Keathley has demanded distribution of the report cease and desist and released this statement concerning the controversy,

The release of a report on militia groups last month by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) has led me to take a hard look at the manner in which the Missouri State Highway Patrol oversees the dissemination of law enforcement information by the MIAC. My review of the procedures used by the MIAC in the three years since its inception indicates that the mechanism in place for oversight of reports needs improvement.

Until two weeks ago, the process for release of reports from the MIAC to law enforcement officers around the state required no review by leaders of the Missouri State Highway Patrol or the Department of Public Safety. That process had been unchanged since the MIAC began issuing these reports in June 2007.

For instance, the militia report was created by a MIAC employee, reviewed by the MIAC director, and sent immediately to law enforcement agencies across Missouri. The militia report was never reviewed by me or by the Director of Public Safety, John Britt, at any point prior to its issuance. Had that report been reviewed by either my office or by leaders of the Department of Public Safety, it would never have been released to law enforcement agencies.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Department of Public Safety believe that law enforcement officers require intelligence of the highest quality and that the report in question does not meet that standard. For that reason, I have ordered the MIAC to permanently cease distribution of the militia report. Further, I am creating a new process for oversight of reports drafted by the MIAC that will require leaders of the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Department of Public Safety to review the content of these reports before they are shared with law enforcement. My office will also undertake a review of the origin of the report by MIAC.

In the future, high-level review of these reports prior to issuance will ensure not only that law enforcement officers get better quality intelligence, but also that certain subsets of Missourians will not be singled out inappropriately in these reports for particular associations. The Highway Patrol has already developed a new system for this review, and is working cooperatively with the Department of Public Safety to integrate departmental leadership fully in that process.

Well it’s nice to see that the garbage contained in a document like this can be written by “some employee” and distributed around the state with zero oversight by those in positions of higher authority and this policy has been going on for years. It leads one to wonder how much other false or misleading information has been released to law enforcement at the local, state and federal level by this MIAC group?

Forgive my skepticism but I have a funny feeling all these investigations they speak of will focus much more heavily on the person who leaked this profiling report than on the person who actually wrote it. John Britt? He’ll get a few days off with pay until the heat dies down and then put procedures in place to make damn sure nothing like this gets leaked again.

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