News And Issues Of The Day For Tuesday March 24th


Here’s is the real reason for all of the Obama administration’s absolutely phony outrage over the A.I.G. bonus fiasco.
Straight out of the Saul Alinky handbook. Gin up a completely bogus scandal surrounding these bonuses that were known about and approved by the president and his Democratic cronies in Congress to get the public all riled up and ready to string private businesses up by their tender parts. Once the public is sufficiently angry at the private companies the government steps in and says they’ll make sure things are “done the right way” from now on for the good of the people. Like the government has ever “run anything right”.

We keep hearing about the high cost of healthcare in this country. What we don’t hear about is the high cost of treating illegal aliens.
The Democrats continue to insist Americans should be forced into a government run and controlled healthcare system because costs are just spiraling out of control. In reality the cost of treating people, like the estimated 20 million people in this country illegally and those that can actually afford to pay for an insurance program but prefer to take advantage of laws that force hospitals to treat everyone regardless of ability or willingness to pay, is what continues to drive the burden to taxpayers through the roof.

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Serial heterophobe and microphone drencher congress”man” Barney Frank calls Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia a “homophobe.”
Some folks may recall Mr. Frank’s involvement with a Mr. Stephen Gobie back in 1985. The involvement turned into a live-in homosexual relationship and soon Gobie was running, with Frank’s knowledge, a gay prostitution ring out of Frank’s apartment. It turns out Gobie had a bit of a past before hooking up with Frank including nearly three dozen parking tickets he never paid. Frank, as a sitting congressman, arranged to have the tickets dismissed for his partner. We’re not done. Frank, chair”man” of the financial services committee, who is one of the people directly responsible for the financial meltdown that has occurred in this country, was hitting the sack with a man named Herb Moses who also happened to be a Fannie Mae executive. Both Moses and Frank were knee deep in trying to get regulators off the backs of those running the corrupt home mortgage company while telling anyone that would listen their spinning sweaty doughnuts under the flannel sheets could be kept separate from and had nothing to do with official government business. Instead of spitting all over microphone this asshat should be sitting in prison, getting all the man love he could possibly want.

When will the red line cross the green line?
I think polls are basically a waste of time because so few people in this country take the time to inform themselves. Most people rely on the corrupt agenda driven media corporations and editors that decide what they will know, how they will know it and most of all–everything they will NOT know about. That said the spread between the red and green lines on Rasmussen’s daily presidential performance polls are interesting. Once these lines cross and the + is replaced with a – in front of the approval index number and stays there for awhile prepare for something dramatic to happen to try and reverse the trend. I recall Bush’s numbers going through the roof right after 9-11.


More bad polling news for Obama

The honeymoon is over, a national poll will signal today as President Obama’s job approval stumbles to about 50 percent over the lack of improvement with the crippled economy.

The sobering numbers come as the president backpedals from two prime-time gaffes – one comparing his bowling score to a Special Olympian and another awkwardly laughing about the economy, which prompted Steve Kroft of “60 Minutes” to ask “are you punch-drunk?”

Pollster John Zogby said his poll out today will show Americans split on the president’s performance. He said the score factors out to “about 50-50.”

As for the president’s love of the limelight, it could backfire, according to a media watcher.

“I thought he overexposed himself weeks ago,” said Tobe Berkovitz, associate dean of Boston University’s College of Communication.

“I wonder when the public will say ‘Instead of being in front of the camera, be in front of a spreadsheet.’ ”

Zogby, a Democrat by the way, has been conducting public opinion polling since the mid 80s and has Obama’s numbers slightly lower than Rasmussen. The only polls that have the ridiculous Obama approval numbers in the mid 60s are the ones conducted by the media outlets that have a vested interest in the guy they promoted and continue to prop up even as their businesses lose millions due to their blatantly biased “reporting.”

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