Time Magazine Names Obama's Teleprompters As Its Co-MEN OF THE YEAR


The true mouthpieces of the Democratic party, a couple of teleprompters or TOTUS, have had just about enough of the second class citizen treatment folks and they’re about ready to start fighting back. For the longest time Barack Hussein Obama has received the glory, the adulation, the praise while the real words belonged to a couple of pieces of hard working high tech glass. The fact is, Obama doesn’t go to the can without these teleprompters going along for the ride and they are by his side night and day lest he go wandering off Axlerod’s, Brzezinski’s and Soros’ message for the American people.

Without these teleprompters Obama is a meandering nitwit and that is why his handlers and the lamestream media zombies that propped up and perpetuated this illusion called Obama and chains ( 😀 ) we can believe in do their best to hide his constant gaffes and embarrassing screw ups.

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Taking a cue from their selection as the next Time magazine co-MEN OF THE YEAR the teleprompters now have some ammo to finally begin striking back over their rough treatment while out on the road, warning Obama that it’s time to start affording them some serious attention or …..


the payback will be a real bitch.

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