Obama, Keep Your Mitts Off Our Internet!


In yet another move to consolidate even more power within the walls of the White House a “proposal” has been developed to create an Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor which would become part of the Executive Office of the President.

The head of this department would have the power to disconnect any federal infrastructure networks, or other networks deemed to be “critical”, from the internet if allegedly found to be at risk of a cyberattack. Or this person can just lie about a so called “cyberattack,” on orders from Obama, and pull the plug on our internet. How would we know otherwise?

Currently the Office of Homeland Security has jurisdiction over issues regarding cybersecurity and this office has said in the past that they have the tools to deal with these issues and they do not believe it is necessary to shift those responsibilities to the White House.

Last September DHS Undersecretary Robert Jamison said,

“A reorganization of roles and responsibilities is the worst thing that could be done to improve our nation’s security posture against very real and increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats,” Jamison said. “We have moved beyond words on paper and debate, and are now driving real improvements to our security. We cannot afford to lose that momentum and interagency unity of effort.”

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Cnet.com reports,

Forthcoming legislation would wrest cybersecurity responsibilities from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and transfer them to the White House, a proposed move that likely will draw objections from industry groups and some conservatives.

CNET News has obtained a summary of a proposal from Senators Jay Rockefeller (D-W.V.) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) that would create an Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor, part of the Executive Office of the President. That office would receive the power to disconnect, if it believes they’re at risk of a cyberattack, “critical” computer networks from the Internet.

“I regard this as a profoundly and deeply troubling problem to which we are not paying much attention,” Rockefeller said a hearing this week, referring to cybersecurity.

Giving the White House cybersecurity responsibility was one of the top recommendations of a commission that produced a report last year to advise President Obama on cybersecurity issues. However, the Homeland Security Department, which currently has jurisdiction over cybersecurity, has insisted the reshuffling of duties is not needed.

Given the enormity of cybersecurity threats, the responsibility is a natural fit for the White House, said James Lewis, a director and senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, which issued last year’s commission report.

“The Obama administration has an adviser on energy and climate change, and that’s good and important,” Lewis said, “but we’re still in the mode that cyber is less important.”

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This push to enable Obama’s White House to have the power to disconnect networks from the internet comes around right after we hear about his Chief Technology Officer’s office getting raided by the F.B.I.

The thought that someone could have the power to deny or in any other manner obstruct our ability to access information via the internet should give all of us a reason to be very concerned as the free flow of information among the citizens of this country should never be at risk.

While the cnet article may lead some to believe this issue merely involves disconnecting the federal computer networking system from the internet in the case of a cyberattack do not be fooled. The governmental computer networks are under attack every minute of every day and this has been going on for years. While cybersecurity is an extremely important issue these attacks on the networks are nothing new. What this smells like to me is a potential scenario similar to what is going on in Australia.

From the telegraph.co.uk website,

Australia is preparing to block public access to 10,000 websites deemed to carry “unwanted content”.

The websites will be blocked as part of a government-sponsored trial of its filter technology that will start before Christmas and last six weeks.

The government has already identified 1300 websites that it wants to black list as part of the clean feeds scheme.

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said the sites mostly contained child pornography and other unwatned content, including images and videos.

“While the ACMA blacklist is currently around 1300 URLs, the pilot will test against this list – as well as filtering for a range of URLs to around 10,000 – so that the impacts on network performance of a larger blacklist can be examined,” se said.

The government is calling for ISP providers to express interest in taking part in the trial. Just one ISP has volunteered so far.

A spokesman for Mr Conroy said: ”The pilot will provide an invaluable opportunity for ISPs to inform the Government’s approach.

”The live pilot will provide valuable real-world evidence of the potential impact on internet speeds and costs to industry and will help ensure we implement a filtering solution that is efficient, effective and easy for Australian families to use.”

Sounds like something the simple minded left wingers in this country would just love to see happen but that’s alright, their messiah will be gone eventually and we’ll be able to get a group of actual adults back in the White House.

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