Suppose You Were An Idiot, And Suppose You Were A Member Of Congress…


…but I repeat myself.

-Mark Twain

Ladies and gentlemen meet Florida Representative Corrine Brown who, it shockingly turns out, is a Democrat. It is most distressing to realize that mental midgets like this are sitting within the hallowed halls of Congress churning out rules and regulations that we all must live by. She was first elected to the House 17 years ago after wasting space in the Florida legislature for nearly 10 years. Believe it or not this woman actually has two master degrees in the education field. In addition this goof has taught in Florida public schools, at the University of Florida in Gainesville and Florida Junior College in Jacksonville.

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It seems she has also had her share of scandal since coming aboard the gravy train called the House of Representatives,

Rep. Corrine Brown, a Jacksonville Democrat, has been dogged by ethics complaints since being elected to Congress in 1992. But she has found re-election with scant trouble, with voters embracing the reliably liberal rhetoric and scathing criticism of her opponents.

Brown’s ethics questions continued in 2005 when her hometown newspaper, the Florida Times-Union of Jacksonville, reported that her daughter, Shantrel Brown, had been a lobbyist for Edward Waters College since 2003. The congresswoman, meanwhile, had channeled millions of federal dollars to the private Jacksonville school.

No regulations ban such a relationship, and the congresswoman’s spokesman, David Simon, maintained Shantrel Brown never lobbied her mother. A spokeswoman for the daughter’s employer, Alcalde & Fay, also said she did not lobby her mother although she was listed on disclosure forms as Edward Waters’ sole lobbyist.

Brown and her daughter also brought controversy in 1998, after The St. Petersburg Times questioned Brown’s relationship with West African millionaire Foutanga Sissoko. A Sissoko aide bought a $50,000 Lexus and gave it to Brown’s daughter, Shantrel, then a lawyer for the Environmental Protection Agency. A congressional ethics investigation concluded the congresswoman exercised poor judgment but found no rules violation.

The newspaper also reported that Brown had received the check from a bank account that the Rev. Henry Lyons was accused of using to launder money. Brown said she did nothing improper by taking a $10,000 check from an indicted church leader.

Lyons, president of the National Baptist Convention USA Inc., was convicted in 1999 and sentenced to 5 1/2 years for state racketeering and grand theft convictions. He was accused of stealing more than $4 million from organizations doing business with the church to support a lavish lifestyle. Lyons also received a concurrent 4 1/2-year sentence on related federal convictions for tax evasion and bank fraud.

Brown said that the $10,000 was to pay a bus company to haul supporters to a 1996 voting rights rally in Tallahassee and that her solicitation of Lyons, a well-known religious and civil rights leader, was proper and within congressional rules.

She also accused the newspaper of harassing her.

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  1. Why do you think I’m running for the US House of Representatives against this person. She represents pork and Jacksonville only. Her follower quote her as “Corrine Delivers” and I ask them; “where is the money going to come from”? the typicial answers, I don’t know or they can just print more… Go Figure!
    Walk through the 3rd District and see how the pork has fattened the system with closed business and poverty. Yep, Corrine delivers can we now her to see how government needs to be run? Limited and affordable and encourage personal responsibility.

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