Obama Backs Off Injured Military Vet Insurance Plan


Just two days ago Barack Hussein Obama, who many believe did not register with the Selective Service when he was legally obligated to do so, seemed adamant that he was going to force military veterans who were injured on the job to pay for their own medical care via private insurance. After a firestorm of anger and criticism towards this policy Obama has apparently changed his mind. How he thought, even for a moment, that this was something that might have been a really good idea is beyond me. Rookie stupidity or just another way for Obama to stick it to our military men and women?

The slight down side to this announcement? The virulently anti military wench Nancy Pelosi acts like some kind of hero when informing veterans groups of Obama’s decision this afternoon.

“Based on the respect that President Obama has for our nation’s veterans and the principled concerns expressed by veterans’ leaders, the president has made the decision that the combat-wounded veterans should not be billed through their insurance policies for combat-related injuries,” Mrs. Pelosi told the veterans group representatives, who greeted the news with a standing ovation.

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The Obama administration dropped a proposal to require some disabled veterans to pay for medical treatments through their private insurance companies, heeding a chorus of outrage from veterans groups and Capitol Hill lawmakers who said the idea was immoral, unconscionable and un-American.

The White House decided to scrap the plan after meeting with a contingent of veterans and military advocacy groups on Wednesday for the second time this week.

“In considering the third-party billing issue, the administration was seeking to maximize the resources available for veterans,” said White House spokesman Robert Gibbs. “However, the president listened to concerns raised by the [veterans groups] that this might, under certain circumstances, affect veterans and their families’ ability to access health care.”

Good for Obama he is on a roll with two smart decisions two days in a row.

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