Some Insight Into Obama's Upcoming Back Door Assault On The Second Amendment


Without ammunition your gun becomes nothing more than a really expensive club.

Gordon Hutchinson, purveyor of the website, reveals what may become the Department of Defense’s plan, under the direction of Barack Hussein Obama, that they will no longer sell once fired spent military brass to ammunition remanufacturing companies. The military fires millions of rounds of live ammo for practice and the expended shells are gathered up and sold to private companies for reloading. These companies then resell this reloaded ammo to civilians for plinking and police departments for training and marksmanship practice all over the country, saving both groups a ton of money over having to purchase brand new factory loaded ammunition.

Many may say, “So what. What’s the big whoop?” Well if you are a taxpayer ‘the big whoop” is indeed a big deal because police department budgets will become even more strained than they are now by having to purchase expensive factory loaded ammo even for officer training and practice sessions, a colossal waste of money and completely unnecessary.

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According to documentation received by Mr. Hutchinson the brass will be rendered useless for reloading by a deliberate process of mutilation then melted down, packaged into bricks then sold off as scrap metal.

Here are copies of two letters sent to Georgia Arms just Thursday evening–effectively cancelling a contract he had to purchase 30,000 pounds of expended military brass in .223, 7.62mm, and .50 caliber:

Dear Valued Customer:

Please take a moment to note important changes set forth by the Defense Logistics Agency:

Recently it has been determined that fired munitions of all calibers, shapes and sizes have been designated to be Demil code B. As a result and in conjunction with DLA’s current Demil code B policy, this notice will serve as official notification which requires Scrap Venture (SV) to implement mutilation as a condition of sale for all sales of fired munitions effective immediately. This notice also requires SV to immediately cease delivery of any fired munitions that have been recently sold or on active term contracts, unless the material has been mutilated prior to sale or SV personnel can attest to the mutilation after delivery. A certificate of destruction is required in either case.

Thank you,

DOD Surplus
15051 N Kierland Blvd # 300
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
March 12, 2009

Larry Haynie
Georgia Arms
PO Box 238
Villa Rica, GA 30180

Re: Event 7084-6200:

Dear Larry Haynie,

Effective immediately DOD Surplus, LLC, will be implementing new requirements for mutilation of fired shell casings. The new DRMS requirement calls for DOD Surplus personnel to witness the mutilation of the property and sign the Certificate of Destruction. Mutilation of the property can be done at the DRMO, if permitted by the Government, or it may be mutilated at a site chosen by the buyer. Mutilation means that the property will be destroyed to the extent prevents its reuse or reconstruction. DOD Surplus personnel will determine when property has been sufficiently mutilated to meet the requirements of the Government.

If you do not agree with the new conditions of your spot sale, please sign the appropriate box provided below stating that you do not agree to the new terms and would like to cancel your purchase effective immediately. If you do agree to the new terms please sign in the appropriate box provided below to acknowledge your understanding and agreement with the new requirements relating to your purchase. Fax the signed document back to (480) 367-1450, emailed responses are not acceptable.

Please respond to this request no later than close of business Monday, March 16th, 2009.


Government Liquidation.

It has been estimated that the removal of the military brass from the remanufacturing market may result in an 80% hard kick in the boys for the taxpayers once it is reduced to scrap. This while the Obama administration is ready to force soldiers injured on the job to pay for their own medical treatment via private insurance….to save the taxpayers money. What a guy.

The commercial ammunition manufacturers are running full steam 24/7 just to keep up with the demands of the military and law enforcement never mind the civilian market, the last in line to be able to purchase their products. If the information about the DoD and the expended military brass is indeed true this will put even more supply pressure on the commercial manufacturers which will in effect cause civilian ammunition availability to simply dry up. Notice I said dry up not ammo available to civilians will become much more expensive, which it will before all existing stock is very quickly exhausted. This is precisely what Obama and his anti Second Amendment minions want to see happen.

Many tried to tell people before the election about Obama’s game plan for America’s firearm owners but the dumbed down media defrauded populace decided to listen to the teleprompter jockey’s lies instead.

Please be sure to read the article that brought to light this information on the along with the letter Mr. Hutchinson sent to Congressional members, then send your own.

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