New York City Police Go Gonzo On Drivers Using Cell Phones.


As if New York City folks aren’t taxed to death already the city has found yet another way to make some serious cash off their backs in a very short period of time. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,081,920–in 24 hours. City police wrote 9,016 tickets in this 24 hour time period to people who were caught driving while babbling away on their cell phones. The fine for this egregious act comes in at $120 a pop according to this article in the

NEW YORK – New York City police issued a whopping 9,016 tickets during a 24-hour crackdown on phoning-while-driving.

Department spokesman Paul Browne says that compares to 500 on a typical day.

The ticket blitz ended Friday. But the law is still the law.

Get caught driving while using a hand held phone and you could be fined $120.

Taxi drivers are held to an even higher standard. They can receive a $200 summons from the Taxi and Limousine Commission for using even a hands-free phone while driving.

The NYPD said hands-free phones were not a focus of its 24-hour crackdown.

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Here in America, land of the free home of the brave, there are so many laws on the books that one may be in violation of any number of them literally from the moment they roll out of bed each morning, or late afternoon for those that chose to suck up taxpayer funded government resources rather work for a living.

Elected officials claim many of these laws are for our own good and aimed at the safety and security of the citizens, and of course those that are here illegally. In reality it is an effort by these politicians to keep the people in a perpetual state of non compliance enforceable whenever the time seems just right. You know, like when they have already raised taxes through the roof and they fear folks just might be sharpening their pitchforks in the barn ready to storm city hall.

What better way to rake in some badly needed cash than to place a law on the books making a fairly unpopular act, like taking on the cell phone while driving, illegal? While many do complain about people who drive while yapping away on their phone the fact is almost everyone does it, except me of course.

So here we have a common thing most people, frankly, are “guilty of.” This “terrible” act is then demonized by the public and government officials alike to the point where making it illegal is acceptable to most. Subsequently the government can then choose when and where to crack down on the scofflaws and in the process confiscate a huge pile of dough while satisfying those that think the more restrictions we have on our rights the better off we will be as a society. I wish these people would spend a year living in North Korea, Cuba or China, countries that are famous for placing a two handed stranglehold on what the unfortunate folks that are born into those environments are permitted to do.

So long freedom, it was great to have you around as long as we did.

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