Second Amendment+Concealed Carry Pemit+Upstanding Citizen=One Less Teenage Thug Walking The Street


Generally speaking I think most people would consider delivering pizzas to be a fairly non-hazardous job in the whole scheme of things. There are occasions when we hear of a delivery person being robbed, beaten up and in some cases killed in the process of simply trying to do their job, delivering food to hungry Americans. Sometimes it is a crime of opportunity other times the thugs actually plan an ambush hoping to get what usually turns out to be a small amount of chump change from the victim. Hardly worth the loss of life or limb for anybody involved I’m sure most people would think.

Of course, danger lurks everywhere and some occupations are unfortunately more attractive to criminals than others are. As an example, you could not pay me enough to run a convenience store anywhere in say…Detroit.

That said, Christopher Miller, 43, a ten year veteran of the pizza delivery business was making what seemed like a routine run from a Columbia, S.C. Pizza Hut to a nearby residence last Saturday night after an order came in for a couple of large pizzas. The total bill would turn out to be just north of twenty five bucks.

Unknown to Miller, a licensed concealed weapons permit holder, this particular order would in fact be his very last delivery for Pizza Hut. Not because he would be severely injured or killed in the line of duty but because he defended his life with a firearm. Per company policy, and if discovered, Pizza Hut will terminate anyone carrying, and obviously utilizing, a firearm, legally or not, while performing their delivery job, no questions asked.

According to local law enforcement this order was apparently an ambush set up by some young men intent on robbing whoever had the misfortune of showing up with the pizzas. As Miller, a married father of a five year old child, approached the house where the food was to be delivered he was met by a teenager asking if he had change for a $100 bill. Instantly suspicious of the young man asking for change Miller says the young man suddenly attacked him with a flurry of punches. As he backed away from the onslaught he noticed two others running towards the action and fearing he was about to get jumped on by a gang of thugs he turned and tried to flee.

He didn’t get far before the initial attacker, 17 year old Paul Sturgill Jr., jumped on him and began to resume the savage assault. Fearing for his life and concerned he may never see his family again not to mention he didn’t know when the others might jump into the beating, Miller drew his legally concealed and possessed firearm and fired, striking Sturgill twice, instantly immobilizing the attacker thus ending the potential life threatening pummeling he was receiving.

Bashed, bloody and apparently suffering a broken nose Miller called 911 to report the attack and subsequent shooting of the young man while his alleged conspirators broke off the chase, went back to the original scene of the crime, and according to police reports, wound up dining on the pizza Miller dropped as he tried to escape the attack. Police at the scene and the their subsequent comments indicate Miller did everything the law required, including attempting to escape the unprovoked criminal assault, before he was forced to defend himself with deadly force.

Typically, the newspaper reports of this incident were sure to point out that the young men involved in this ambush and the teenager that was killed were ‘unarmed.’ This is an obvious attempt by the editors to make it appear the “poor kid” was shot even though he had no weapons on him. Like someone getting hammered has the ability or time to discover or ask the person doing the attacking if they have a weapon or better yet, like it even matters.

Sheriff deputies arrived within minutes of several 911 calls and attempted to render aid to the mortally wounded Sturgill but the game was up for the teenager who, according to his father Sturgill Sr., “He made one wrong decision. I guess he paid the ultimate price.”

Indeed he did although I highly doubt this was his son’s “one wrong decision.” Sturgill Jr. had evidently, for whatever reason, been out of school since 2005 and had just recently returned to the local high school. The friends he was hanging out with that fatal Saturday night were all high school drop outs and described by a law enforcement official as, “callous.” Police are in the process of investigating the possibility this attack was some kind of gang initiation as beating or killing innocent victims is commonly required by gangs in order for a newbie to gain internal access to the criminal enterprise.

Now just imagine if this same situation involved an unarmed delivery person or even more regrettably a young lady working hard on the weekends to make some extra money for college. Naturally most people’s first response would be to just hand over the money and or pizza and retreat back to their vehicle and get out of Dodge. The problem is it isn’t always that easy especially when the punks decide they want to have a little fun with the hapless victim before they are able to get away. Many people, who live in their little daily bubble of happiness and the Oprah show cannot imagine just how vicious some of these teenagers are these days and get suckered in with the news reports of how the poor kid really was a nice guy and didn’t deserve to die……yada…….yada……….freakin yada.

While it is a very important response from law enforcement and, for now, the District Attorney’s office that Miller acted properly the inevitable civil law suit which will be filed by the attacker’s parents will no doubt cause some extreme financial pressure on him and his family. Not to mention he is now out of a job. His nightmare journey, even though all he was doing was protecting his life while simply providing for his family that night, has actually now just begun.

Often these kind of situations bring many people out of the woodwork who think the dead teenager got a raw deal. “The poor kid was just having a little fun and really didn’t mean to do any serious harm,” the usual liberal apologists for these punks whine. Like these clowns who have never been in this kind of predicament really know what the outcome will be or what the thug’s intentions really are.

I wonder how one of these liberal types would feel if they happened to be driving this particular school bus, this particular day, when a 16 year old teenager decided to beat the crap out of someone else just doing their job:

Always an excuse.

This little punk’s enabler parents had better start making “arrangements” for their kid and getting things right with their God, real quick. It is just a matter of time before he goes off on the wrong person and becomes instantly horizontal, breathing his very last few breaths through two dime sized holes in his lungs, sorta like Sturgill Jr.

Sources for this article can be found here and here.

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  2. Joe says:

    In addition to this one, I know of two other armed pizza drivers, who were attacked and forced to shoot to defend themselves. One (also) in Lexington Co. SC, and the other in Iowa. Coincidentally, none of them are dead, which is better than can be said for the two Dominos drivers killed in Boston just this week. :/

  3. Joe says:

    Forgive me…In reading more into this, the other Dominos driver was killed in a collision with someone running from the police, rather than having been attacked physically. It took me a while to find an article which addressed how he was killed, only that he was.

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