Ways And Means Chairman, And Typical Democrat, Charles Rangel Thinks His Tax Dodging Issues Are None Of Our "God Damn" Business


Democrat Charles Rangel, Chairman of the House Ways and Means committee which “presides over tax revenue legislation and commands oversight authority over the major issues of the day – economic policy, international trade, welfare, Social Security, Medicare, and health care,” has been embroiled in controversy over his personal tax issues and has been under (a phony) investigation for some time now as I wrote about awhile back when Speaker Nancy Pelosi proclaimed the Democratic controlled House would be the most ethical bunch of crooks ever assembled under one roof.

Speaking of the House Ways and Means Committee, the folks that write the tax laws we all must follow in this country. How would the American people feel about the chairman of this powerful committee cheating on his taxes? Yes, I said cheat, not made a mistake, not forgot about some simple issue on a nondescript form years ago, but a flat out failure to report income and pay taxes on rental units he has owned FOR 20 YEARS! Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY/Rikers Island) allegedly forgot about the vacation beach property he owns and visits on a regular basis in the Dominican Republic. The price tag for the 78 year old gravelly voiced congressman looks to be upwards of $10,000 in back taxes however the internal ethics panel is still trying to unravel exactly what the details were of the oddball mortgage scheme Rangel had on this property. Since the ethics folks were already knee deep in Rangel’s filing cabinet they decided to take a look at how he came to rent four rent-controlled units in his Harlem district, as well as his use of official congressional stationery to try to attract potential donors to a college center named after him. The head of the committee that writes the tax laws for this country still has his job after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addressed this troubling situation with this insightful comment, “I see no reason why Mr. Rangel should step down.” Atta girl Nancy, way to keep those promises of an ethical group of Congressional Democrats.

So what happens when a private citizen happens upon the tax cheating chairman of the tax rules writing committee and asks him a few questions? Well Rangel, one of the founding members of the Congressional Black Caucus, gets a little huffy and tells the young man, “Why don’t you mind your God damn business?”

Is this the way elected officials should speak to anyone let alone a member of the voting public? Has this guy forgotten he is a servant to the people?

Oh some will say the tax cheat was ambushed and I would have to agree to a point but let’s face it how can a politician get ambushed if they have been doing their job instead of screwing the American people by not following the very laws they write and expect us to follow under threat of fines and imprisonment?

Apparently Nancy Pelosi has no plans to force Rangel to step down from this very powerful and important position regardless of all the scandals swirling around him.

That is a comforting thought for us peons that have stupidly been playing the game by all those rules, all these years.

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