Coincidence Or Yet Another Effort To Crack Down On Political Opposition?


It’s well known that there is a cadre of Obama-bots trolling the internet hoping to “catch” something they can “report” to some place that evidently has encouraged them to do so. Some camp out on certain popular sites hoping to scrub any information that may not be so favorable to their guy, Obama, nearly as quickly as it is posted.

Other bots spend their existence making the rounds posting virulently pro Obama rhetoric on news site comment sections and politically oriented forums and blogs. I have to think, or hope for their sake, some are paid by the DNC at least minimum wage to perform this service because I can’t imagine such a large group of mouthbreaters having become so unhinged over one completely un-extraordinary occupier of our White House that they do this nonsense voluntarily.

I’m no lawyer but I would have to think if an American citizen is hauled into court over any tax issues they would be able to subpoena the likes of House Ways and Means committee (where tax laws are hatched) chairman Charles Rangel and Treasury Secretary (and head of the IRS) Timothy Geithner, both of whom failed to pay their taxes on time, FOR YEARS yet remain firmly entrenched in the upper echelons of our federal government.

I’m hoping the gentleman in this video is simply caught up in a highly suspect yet coincidental situation as opposed to the alternative, a deliberate witch hunt against an American citizen that is merely voicing his displeasure with a government official who had skipped out on his legal obligation to pay his taxes in a timely manner.

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