Avowed Left Winger Jim Cramer Blasts Obama, “This Is The Greatest Wealth Destruction I’ve Seen By A President!"


CNBC’s Mad Money guy and unabashed Democrat Jim Cramer unloaded a couple barrels full of sarcastic verbal buckshot at Barack Hussein Obama’s economic policies this morning while being interviewed by renowned Obama jock washer extraordinaire Matt Lauer on the Today Show. Normally Cramer is very animated and he’s certainly known for his over the top flourishes as he bombasts his way through his most of his “financial matters” shows but today his body language is especially priceless.

Now this Erin Burnett lady is clearly trying to run interference for Obama’s ridiculous and devastating economic policies but one has to wonder if she knows or even cares just how incredibly biased she is when it comes to gushing forth the administrations talking points. I know many so called journalists are bailing out of their careers and hopping on board the O-man administration easy ridin’ gravy train but geez Erin, at least try and hide the fact you have probably already tried on Monica Lewinsky’s *mayo stained* dress yo!

“The first thing we have been saying to people for months is ‘accept reality.’ There’s going to be a change in living standards there’s going to be a change for this country.”

Man she ain’t kidding. When Obama is done completely destroying our economy we can all sit around the campfire roasting the squirrels we were fortunate enough to catch before we hit the dirt floors in our teepees for some well deserved rest.

The stimulus package is going to start to work. We’re going to have 5,000 jobs created in California this week because of the stimulus package. It takes time and “we’re” starting.

What an utter pant load. There are three and a half million people that want to work but are out of work in California you nitwit! Even if it were true what in the hell is 5,000 jobs at a taxpayer cost of what $250,000 per, going to do for that state? Anybody that looks to this empty skull for any kind of objective analysis deserves exactly what they get. Can you say yet another Obama media shill?

And the liberals rag on Fox News saying they are biased? Damn people, shut UP already!

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