The Barack Hussein Obama Collectible Toilet On Sale Now. Get Yours And Watch as your 401k Swirls Around The Bowl Then Gets Flushed


Folks have been sitting in front of their TV sets with credit card in hand for months hoping to be one of the first to own just about any product with the likeness of Barack Hussein Obama plastered all over it. What better way to assuage white liberal guilt than to have the opportunity to vote for the very first half black, half white president of the United States and be able to snag some spendy Obama swag in the process?

Check out these collector plates,

Of course there just has to be some “change,”

(Oops, I guess those didn’t work out too well.)

Barack Hussein Obama Chia Pets and adult toy thingies have been available for some time now and Obama is even featured in a Spiderman comic book!

Still available are the famous rolls of Barack Obama toilet paper and who can forget about the Obama presidential “yes we can” spread the love…condoms?

So what is the latest and greatest Barack Obama keepsake memento to come rolling on down Hope and Change Boulevard?

Well since the guy spews nothing but bull shit every time he opens his piehole how about a water saving, (for those suffering from the big drought in California) finely crafted, made in Indonesia and approved by limpin’ Louis Farrakhan….official Barack Hussein Obama “I WON”….. toilet!

How about that? It comes with a certificate of uh.. uh.. uh.. uh authenticity and hey it’s even…….collectible!

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