Obama Gives Speech Before Marines At Camp Lejeune, Receives Muted Response From Troops.


The new commander in chief, Barack Hussein Obama, made a trip to the Marine Corp base at Camp Lejeune North Carolina to talk to the troops about his vision for Iraq and the future of our military under his vision as president. As the Marine Corp band belted out ‘Hail to the Chief” Obama was announced and he soon emerged from behind a blue curtain.

The silence was deafening.

In fact the troops made more noise as they sat down than when Obama strolled out to the podium. I happened upon a comment concerning this youtube video describing the circumstances behind the applause lines during Obama’s appearance.

“I was there when he was giving this speech. and about 1/2 the crowd actually applauded. and the half that applauded was pogs (person other than grunts). as you can imagine, none of the grunts, like myself, didn’t applaud or cheer.”

(comment posted here without grammatic corrections)

The CNN guy was obviously disappointed having to admit Obama received a tepid response from these soldiers, even with all the major news cameras rolling.

Contrast the Camp Lejeune Marines’ response to the scripted teleprompter jockey’s speech to what happened when president George W. Bush dropped in to say hello to our troops.

Naturally the lamestream media was all over the idiot Iraqi “journalist” who threw his shoes at Bush but they didn’t bother covering and broadcasting this part of the president’s trip to Baghdad. The American people saw the shoe thrower video ad naseum but never once saw this, the response of the soldiers towards George Bush, their soon to be former commander in chief.

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Another rousing endorsement of CIC Bush from the troops…

Now a longer clip of Obama’s appearance at Camp Lejeune shows the continued overall lack of enthusiasm for what Obama had to say but listen closely to his remark starting at the 4:13 timestamp and the response, excuse me the lack of response, from those in attendance.

“…which is why I’m committed to building our civilian national security capacity so that the burden is not continually pushed onto our military.”

Since when is our military burdened within the borders of the United States? Granted the National Guard is called upon during a few ‘state of emergency’ situations throughout the year and these are circumstances generally brought on by severe weather conditions not foreign military forces attempting to challenge our sovereignty, on our soil.

The regular active duty military have no role in civilian law enforcement in this country. This task is handled by civilian law enforcement officials and on rare, extraordinary occasions such as the aftermath of hurricane Katrina (will we ever stop hearing about this storm?) state Governors have the option to call upon the National Guard to assist police efforts in maintaining law and order.

Our military people have long memories and I’m sure many of them caught this during Obama’s debate with John McCain…

“I have a bracelet too. From Sergeant uh, uh from the mother of uh (let me take a look at the name on the bracelet because I haven’t bothered to memorize it because I simply want to use the bracelet and the name of this soldier as a political prop…uh uh) Sergeant Ryan David Jopek….”

Nuff said indeed…

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3 Responses to Obama Gives Speech Before Marines At Camp Lejeune, Receives Muted Response From Troops.

  1. harrisonal says:

    I’ve been looking at your website and I get it…you don’t like Obama. And you mentioned you were there when he talked to Camp Lejeune. However, you failed to mention that the Marines were standing at Attention and don’t applause from the position of Attention. Everyone has their right to feel however they want to feel. But if you’re going to report on something, please don’t slant the truth. I’m active duty also and although it remains to be seen whether or not this President will keep the promises he made, he is my Commander in Chief, whether I like it or not. My vow was not to serve when I agreed or it suited me, it was to serve…period. I recognize the “burden” the President spoke of. I see it every day with us supporting a war while being so undermanned. It’s taxing on the military and their families. So the promise of relief by recruiting more Marines and Army makes perfect sense to me. It gives the ones on the front lines a chance for relief and maybe an opportunity to come home in something other than a coffin…how is that a bad thing???

  2. barky says:

    harrisonal, I’ll take your word for it that you are active duty military but I think you need to re-read this posting.

    I never said I was at Lejeune, I said someone posted a comment under a youtube video who claimed they were there and witnessed what happened. You and everyone else are surely free to choose whether to believe the comment or not, I was merely passing it along.

    As far as standing at attention, well that would be debatable as the soldiers, while clearly standing, did not appear to be at attention any more than the soldiers in the Bush video. Left wingers are well known for their disdain for the military at all levels and this may have something to do with it. Even the pro Obama CNN guy had to admit his surprise at how muted the response to Obama was at Lejeune. “Slanting the truth” would have been to provide commentary without the video to reinforce the statements…I believe the videos speak for themselves but again everyone has the choice to make up their own minds.

    In addition I completely agree with your comment that Obama is the CIC. That is indisputable and you will notice I have rarely commented on all of the soldiers who have initiated legal action against the president challenging his eligibility to hold office under Article II Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, for that very reason.

    You may be familiar with the case of Maj. Stefan Cook? If not you may want to do some thorough research.

    In addition you may wish to do some research on the Oathkeepers. These folks may really open your eyes.

    You may have misunderstood where I was going with my assertion that our military is not burdened within OUR BORDERS. Obama stated he wanted to relieve this so called “burden” with his own civilian force that was just as strong, just as well funded as our military to “secure” our country. That is nonsense and has led many to speculate he plans on deploying thousands of fanatical “brownshirts” throughout the country who answer only to the White House to “persuade” American citizens to go with “the program” whatever that may eventually turn out to be.

    Oh I know the clueless public think that scenario is crazy after all we have a Constitution right? But then again who could have imagined several large private companies would be taken over by the federal government just six months ago? Who could have imagined this cap and trade ripoff? Who could have imagined a government takeover of our health care system? Who could have imagined a brand new president would issue 17 executive orders and employed 34 “czars” to get around the Senate confirmation process? Who could have imagined an administration trying to wrest the census away from the Commerce Department so they could control the process from inside the executive branch? Where is any of this in the Constitution?

    Who could have imagined an administration flitting around the world grovelling at the feet of other countries basically apologizing for the existence of the United States and all of the terrible and despicable things we have done to the people of the world over the last 230 years? Did you catch Hillary Clinton in India last weekend declaring the U.S. is mainly responsible for this bogus “climate change” nonsense the planet is allegedly “suffering” from?

    As far as recruiting additional military personnel I say fabulous. Where did I say anything to the contrary? In fact Robert Gates just announced he wanted to do just that to the tune of 20,000 new recruits. It couldn’t happen soon enough as far as I’m concerned. The leaders of this country should be doing EVERYTHING they can to support the men and women they put in harm’s way and ensure those in the military have everything they need to get the job done and get home safely. This is what the American people expect and demand from the White House and Congress.

    In closing it isn’t that I don’t “like” Obama, at least in the way the left HATED, no still HATES Bush as a person. I do not like Obama’s policies, they are destructive to our country as has been PROVEN since he took office. Since the liberal media refuses to report the truth about what is really going on the only avenue conservatives currently have at their disposal is the internet and talk radio, two venues that Democrats in Congress have expressed a strong desire to try and suppress. I wonder why?

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