ACORN Thugs Cut Padlocks Occupy Foreclosed Homes With Little Concern Over Legal Consequences


Fox News business journalist Stuart Varney, while a bit contentious with ACORN representative Bertha Lewis–clearly a top graduate of the Barack Hussein Obama School of Community Organizing–calls the criminal actions these ACORN thugs are doing as accurately as you will see anywhere in the lamestream media. ACORN has been in the news for years generally connected to rampant voter registration and election fraud but now that their guy Obama is in the White House they are really feeling their oats and have decided that breaking into and occupying foreclosed properties would be a fun distraction from submitting thousands of phony voter registration documents.

The 1977 Jimmy Carter inspired Community Reinvestment Act, which really got a shot in the arm when Bill Clinton came into office, has a lot to do with our current mortgage imbroglio. The act basically forced banks to loan money to people who would otherwise not qualify for a home loan due to poor credit or an untenable employment history, a situation that seemed to benefit primarily minorities, a reliable Democrat voting block. This was a fabulous way for the government to force private businesses to fund mandated social welfare projects with little risk to politicians but a terrific benefit for them come election day.

Ms. Lewis’ rhetoric is a prime example of the most basic form of mind control, repeat the same nonsense over and over and over again and eventually people start to believe it. Hey it worked for Obama didn’t it?

Unfortunately for her Varney isn’t buying an ounce of what she is selling.

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These ACORN people are committing clearly illegal acts but get away with it because they know nobody has the onions to stop them. Law enforcement, judges and politicians will refuse to confront this issue for fear of being called racist, the same old tired and worn out diatribe drug out anytime these ACORN thugs are confronted.

Obviously it is in everyone’s best interest that people pay their mortgages, stay in their homes and leave neighborhoods intact helping to ensure property value stability for all. That said sometimes things in life just don’t pan out as planned and when that happens people simply must understand that they will have to become renters and regroup for another day. Cutting padlocks and breaking into homes is a criminal offense for all involved and it is my sincere hope that every last one of these people pulling this crap get hauled off to the pokey where they belong.

Hey, is that a pig that just flew by my window?

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One Response to ACORN Thugs Cut Padlocks Occupy Foreclosed Homes With Little Concern Over Legal Consequences

  1. Dustin says:

    Both ends refuse to address the actual issue; only McMansions are available. No housing exists for anything but the rich. Of course they had to get mortgages and buy homes they could not afford; there isn’t anything else available!

    Yank the Housing Cartels out of the Government, where they make laws forcing homes to cost so damn much! There is no reason for there to be housing only for the wealthy, except that they like being wealthy themselves! If you force people to be your Champagne and Caviar Welfare, they’re going to come after you for any other kind of welfare they can get back.

    Neither side of this argument is aware or honest. There is absolutely no excuse for a simple home to cost more than $10,000! Absolutely NO EXCUSE. If you force them to pay more, and they can’t afford it… I just descends into a great big DUH!!! They demanded more money to pay for not being homeless, because you refused to build a house for anywhere near a rational or justifiable cost. If you inflate, for pure profit, the costs by hundreds of thousands of percent; not everyone has that kind of money to piss away.

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