Federal Jury–Arizona Rancher Did Not Violate Illegal Alien's "Civil Rights." They Award $78,000 Payoff Anyway


I had addressed this unbelievable situation a few days ago (from a report posted on worldnetdaily.com) and have been watching for the outcome ever since.

The washingtontimes.com reports that the Tucson Arizona federal jury assigned to this case came back with a ruling today that absolved the rancher, Roger Barnett, of charges consisting of false imprisonment, battery and conspiracy against the illegal aliens he held at gunpoint, way back in 2004, who were attempting to sneak through his property and subsequently into parts unknown within our country.

The schizophrenic jury then turned around and awarded six of these illegal aliens $78,000 for “actual and punitive damages” on claims of assault and infliction of emotional distress. Keep in mind the evidence against Mr. Barnett would have consisted solely of testimony provided by the illegal aliens and nobody else since this situation took place somewhere on the rancher’s 22,000 acres of privately owned property and jack rabbits don’t normally carry video cameras around on their backs.

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I have no idea how one can be found not liable for battery yet have to pay tens of thousands in punitive damages based on an assault charge? If one did not commit battery how could they have committed the more egregious act of assault? Usually it’s the other way around, assault charges are pleaded down to a battery beef! Some juries I’ll tell you!

It’s important to note this legal action brought against Mr. Barnett was civil not criminal and was instigated by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. The lawsuit asked for $32 million and MALDEF was seeking the damages for civil rights violations, the infliction of emotional distress, assault, battery and false imprisonment. Thirty two million dollars for illegal aliens who were caught illegally entering this country on private property and legally held by the property owner at gunpoint until the Border Patrol arrived to take custody of these people…nearly five years ago? What kind of nonsense is this?

It’s really very simple. MALDEF was looking to bankrupt this man and in turn discourage anyone from attempting to stop illegal aliens caught on their property from doing the same thing Mr. Barnett did. I surmise, according to this lawsuit, that Barnett should have just let these people traipse across his land into our country from Mexico and done nothing about it. Yeah, that’s how things work with most countries right?

Mr. Barnett’s attorney, David T. Hardy of Tucson, described the decision as an “80 percent victory,” adding that he wished he and his client “would have gotten the other 20 percent.” But he said he would appeal the decision, citing what he called “solid grounds.” He also said U.S. District Judge John M. Roll had been “scrupulously fair” during the landmark trial.

Let’s all wish Mr. Barnett the very best on the appeal as this illegal alien situation has gone well beyond critical costing the taxpayers of this nation a fortune and along with the severe crime problem brought to bear on all Americans by those that choose to violate our laws and our sovereignty.

Oh, and the fanatical Islamics are watching this closely too.

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