Get Your $50 Barack Hussein Obama License Plates While They're Hot! Guaranteed For 60 Days Or Your Money Cheerfully Refunded?


So you can’t quite get enough of Barack Hussein Obama’s mug huh? This guy’s face is everywhere but the state of Illinois has come up with a new place to stick it, temporary license plates. The reports these are temporary special event plates that are only valid through April 17th and cost $50. The proceeds are said to be headed for the state’s libraries although it is not stated exactly how much of the loot will wind up in that system.

Now I have to wonder what genius thought it would be a good idea to offer something like this right now? I mean we have Obama flying all over the country, in an airplane that costs the taxpayer over $60,000 an hour while operational, trying to spin up support for his spend-ulus bill while telling everyone the economy is in the toilet and we are only one Congressional action away from certain doom. We have thousands of houses going into foreclosure and hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs and the state of Illinois is selling temporary 60 day celebratory license plates for 50 bucks?

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I’m going to go out on a limb and say there will be a certain group of people within the state that will refuse to remove these plates after their time is up, continuing the assertion that Obama’s ascension to the presidency is a historical event for this country and a lousy 60 days just isn’t long enough to celebrate the occasion. I would politely encourage those so inclined to reconsider this action as the polling numbers continue to slip and slide for Obama. After all it might just come to a point in the near future where a whole bunch of folks see those plates as nothing but an easy to spot bullseye.


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