White Arkansas Legislator Told He Can't Join Black Caucus. Odd Since He Is Married To A Black Woman And His District Is 65% Black


With the ascension of Barack Obama to the most powerful position on the planet it is hereby declared that racism is now over in this country.

Or is it???

Rep. Richard Carroll of North Little Rock, Arkansas’ only Green Party legislator, asked to be a member of the Arkansas Black Legislative Caucus but was rejected because he’s white.

On Monday, Carroll participated in a meeting of the caucus at the state Capitol, stating his thoughts on proposed legislation. But there was no name card at his seat, and he wasn’t listed on the meeting agenda as a member.

Asked about it after the meeting, Carroll said he wanted to be a member, but that caucus leaders told him that caucus bylaws require that members be black.

Caucus Chairman Rep. Nancy Duffy Blount, D-Marianna, likened the situation to a man wanting to be part of the Legislative Women’s Caucus.

“With men, there are some things that men can understand and share and there are some things they can’t because they’re not women,” Blount said. “Same thing here.”

(Now swap the word ‘white’ for ‘black’ throughout this piece then sit back for a minute and try to wrap your mind around how this article would sound)

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