DJ Julio And Homeless Henrietta….COME ON DOWN And See What The Messiah Can Do For You!


My first thought when I saw this short clip of the conversation between Barack Obama and Henrietta Hughes, was this a staged event? If so that’s fine, politicians and daytime TV talk show hosts have been pulling these kind of stunts for years so no big deal. Most people are bright enough to see right through nonsense when they see it but there will always be a certain percentage that will get suckered in by the the well choreographed emotional angle. Montel Williams couldn’t have done a better job than Obama on this one.

As I watched curiosity got the best of me and I began to wonder how was this allegedly homeless person able to get to this event to begin with? How did she even find out about this little shindig? How was she able to get a prime time spot right up front that many mind numbed slobbering Obama-bots would have killed for? I also got the impression that she seemed to be eating pretty well and in fact to me she had all the outward appearances of doing just fine and at the very least, employable. Did you catch the lady that tells Obama “she loves him?”


What kind of goofy nitwit gets so emotionally overcome in the presence of a politician that they respond like this woman?

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So this is how far we have sunk in America? A president that has no problem flying around the country promoting his Obamanation of a spending bill that will do little if anything to create jobs or stimulate the economy like he and his cohorts claim it will and people that have no problem begging this man to help them find housing, get them a bigger car, pay their bills and provide them with benefits.

One thing is for certain however, Ms. Hughes has absolutely nothing on this goofball…

Wow….just wow folks. Thank goodness the rest of us buck up and get-r-dun everyday so people like this can get their freebies huh?

Update on the Henrietta Hughes story.

I guess we’ll see how this pans out.

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