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A few days ago the Obama administration, in an effort to show everyone just how cool and loved throughout the world the new president is, announced they were “sending” a women’s badminton team to Iran in an effort to become best friends forever with a country who’s leaders would love nothing more than to see all of the non Muslim American people die tomorrow.

The Obama administration is sending a women’s badminton team to Iran this week as part of a broad bid to engage the Iranian people through educational and cultural exchanges, the State Department said Monday.

Amid a wide-ranging review of U.S. policy toward the Islamic Republic, the trip is the new administration’s first foray into such exchanges that began while President George W. Bush was in the White House. Past exchanges have involved athletes from other sports, artists, academics and professionals.

This stuff took place when George W. Bush was in office? Who knew especially considering how the Iranian president continues to espouse his hatred of us and our way of life every opportunity he gets. Continuing on,

It said the U.S. squad was invited by the Iranian Badminton Federation and that they hoped to extend an invitation to Iran’s national team to come to the United States in July. This week’s trip is being sponsored by the State Department, which since 2006 has promoted people-to-people exchanges with Iran.

I guess we learn something new every day. The Iranian Badminton Federation? How do the women play with those face-covering-top-of-the-head-to-the-ankles burqas? I mean it’s hard enough to simply snowboard when wearing one of those things:


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The badminton trip is the first to take place under the Obama administration, which is considering new approaches to Iran. Those include direct official dialogue and the appointment of a special envoy to deal with Iran, which has not had diplomatic relations with the U.S. since 1979.

Well this sure sounds like a done deal now doesn’t it after all Mr. Obama did reach out right off the bat to the Iranians and try to make nice after eight long years of that big meanie George W. mucking things up.

Come to think of it that move by Obama didn’t work out too well after all. In fact these festive and fun loving Iranians have even decided to blow off vice president Joe Biden at some highfalutin security conference over in Germany. Why in the world would anyone pass up a chance to spend a few gaffe filled minutes with the veep?

Well at least we still have that badminton thing going down right?


Tehran – Iran denied entry visas for a US women’s badminton team which was scheduled to come to Iran, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Ghashghavi said Wednesday.

The spokesman argued that the lengthy visa procedure made it impossible for the team to come to Tehran for a February tournament.

A crush of photographers and TV crews on Tuesday night rushed to the IKIA airport outside Tehran to cover the team’s arrival via Dubai but were told by officials about the cancellation.

You see Mr. Obama this isn’t Chicago, this is the world stage. The rough and tough guys don’t care about all your hope and change and play nice crap they look for signs of weakness then exploit them in a nanosecond. Iran is just the opening salvo with Russia sitting back and waiting for their turn to jab a stick in our eye. These next four years are going to be a ride that make Bush’s two terms look like a third grade birthday party and the fun is just beginning folks.

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