Is It Possible For Nancy Pelosi To Get Her Facts Straight, Or Tell The Truth?


Awww, just a slip of the tongue, right? No, actually it’s not a slip of the tongue it is the methodology of your typical lying politician.


500 million Americans will lose their jobs if this exclusively Democrat sponsored and endorsed payback-to-supporting-groups-and-attempt-to-lock-even-more-people-into-government-dependency package doesn’t slide through huh? Certainly this genius knows there are only a little over 300 million people in the entire country! (Not counting roughly 20 million illegal aliens from all over the world of course.)

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You know we are in serious trouble? When the Speaker of the House has absolutely no compunction going on camera with such a bald face lie and then “swears” to it.

*The estimated $825 billion – $900 billion package will exceed more than $1.1 trillion when adding in the interest ($300 plus billion) between 2009-2019 to pay for it.

*The Democrats’ plan includes funding for contraceptives; regardless of where anyone stands on taxpayer funded contraception, there is no question that it has NOTHING to do with the economy. (Obama claims he wants this removed but I guarantee you his desire will simply result in some creative re-writing of the language)

* The legislation could open billions of taxpayer dollars to left-wing groups like the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), which has been accused of voter fraud, is reportedly under federal investigation; and played a key role in the housing meltdown and getting Obama into the Oval Office.

* $650 million for digital TV coupons.

* $600 million for new cars for the federal government.

* $6 billion for colleges/universities – many which have billion dollar endowments.

* $50 million in funding for the National Endowment of the Arts.

* $44 million for repairs to U.S. Department of Agriculture headquarters.

* $200 million for the National Mall, including $21 million for sod, needed because of the people that trashed the place during Obama’s inauguration.

* The plan establishes at least 32 new government programs at a cost of over $136 billion. That means more than a third of this plan’s spending provisions are dedicated to creating new government programs.

* The plan provides spending in at least 150 different federal programs, ranging from Amtrak to the Transportation Security Administration. Is this the “targeted” plan Democratic leaders promised?

* Even though the legislation contains at least 152 separate spending proposals, the authors of the plan can only say that 34 have any chance at keeping or growing jobs.

* Just one in seven dollars of an $18.5 billion expenditure on “energy efficiency” and “renewable energy programs” would be spent within the next 18 months.

* The total cost of this one piece of legislation is almost as much as the annual discretionary budget for the entire federal government.

* The House Democrats’ bill will cost each and every household $6,700 in additional debt, paid for by our children and grandchildren.

* Although the House Democrats’ proposal has been billed as a transportation and infrastructure investment package, in actuality only $30 billion of the bill – or three percent – is for road and highway spending. A recent study from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that only 25 percent of infrastructure dollars can be spent in the first year, making the one year total less than $7 billion.

* Much of the funding within the House Democrats’ proposal will go to programs that already have large, unexpended balances. For example, the bill provides $1 billion for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) – a program that already has $16 billion on hand. States also are sitting on some $9 billion in unused highway funds – funds that Congress is prepared to rescind later this year.

* All board members of the “Accountability and Transparency Board” created by this legislation are appointees of the President; none will be appointed by Congress.

* A scant 2.7 percent, or $22.3 billion of the overall package, is dedicated to small business tax relief.

* The Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that the legislation increases by seven million the number of people who get a check back from the IRS that exceeds what they paid in payroll and income taxes including those in our country illegally.

* The “Making Work Pay” tax credit at the center of the plan amounts to $1.37 a day, or about the price of a cup of coffee.

* Almost one-third of the so-called “tax relief” in the House Democrats’ bill is spending in disguise, meaning that true tax relief makes up only 24 percent of the total package – not the 40 percent that President Obama had requested.

* $825 billion is just the beginning – many Capitol Hill Democrats want to spend even more taxpayer dollars on their “stimulus” plan. In fact, the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Rep. David Obey (D-WI), told Roll Call earlier this month, “I would not be surprised to see us go further on some of these programs down the line.”

This woman makes Sarah Palin look like a Rhodes Scholar every time she opens her mouth. Keep in mind that this idiot is just two other morons away from the presidency folks.

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