Obama Nixes Tradition, Cans "Hail To The Chief" Tune


It turns out Mr. Obama isn’t too keen (scroll way down near the end of the article) on the traditional presidential music Hail To The Chief after his first day in office. The White House Marine Band usually played the tune before and after each appearance by the Commander in Chief but Obama has decided to ditch the old fogey diddy and has opted to have Sting’s Desert Rose and Cole Porter’s Night and Day performed by a single piano player instead.

This should really come as no surprise as he is the first president in 56 years, and since it’s inception, to skip out on the Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball as 47 Medal of Honor members patiently waited for his appearance on January 20th.

Barack Obama became the first U.S. president to skip out on the Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball since its inception in 1953. The event recognizes recipients of the military’s highest award – the Medal of Honor – and as The Cleveland Leader previously reported, over the past 56 years and 14 inaugurations, no President has failed to appear at this event until now.

The sanctity, integrity, mystique and class of the Oval Office will soon be lost as Obama begins showing up for work at noon in basketball shorts and flip flops right after the pool table is brought in, the Lebron James posters are slapped up and a dart board hung on the wall.

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Heck who needs tradition when it comes to the most powerful position in the world? It’s time to bust loose and get all jiggy with it mang!

Yes, this is Cheb Mami and he is singing in Arabic!

Nice song but this replaces Hail to the Chief? And to think we were all supposed to just overlook this guy’s middle name during the presidential campaign.

How about a little Cole Porter?

…and coming soon to a White House near you, Hammer time baybeee!

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