Do Americans Have The Guts To Defend Their Freedoms?


If the American people do not wake up and make a firm stand for their liberty and freedom it will just be a matter of time before we follow down the very same path as our British cousins. I have stated on more than one occasion on this blog the importance of defending the Second Amendment to our Constitution with everything we have. Once that inalienable right to self protection from criminals and tyrannical government has been wrested away it will never ever come back.

Elections have consequences as does apathy and ignorance. Depending on the worthless media and their ten second soundbites as the sole source for one’s knowledge of country and world events is the surest way to send what rights and freedoms we have left right down the toilet. Not paying attention or depending on others to take care of the business of protecting our liberties is no longer an option. An educated well informed public is the last thing a corrupt government wants on it’s hands. Watch, listen and learn from our closest ally in the world as they describe what happened when they fell asleep at the wheel and allowed a bunch of brain dead morons take over the governance of their existence and what little recourse they seem to have to do anything about it.

Never, EVER give up your firearms or ammo folks… as there is nobody that can or will protect you in the time of crisis.

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